A radiator is much more than a device for supplying heat. It has several essential functions in a bathroom. Aside from adding warmth it creates a cosy and relaxing atmosphere, it heats up your towels and it acts as a standout design feature as well. We have a stunning range of radiators to match every bathroom design or size of bathroom space. All of our radiators are offered from the UK’s leading manufacturers who offer you top quality designs which will add a touch of luxury to your bathroom space. Thus, from style to heating method, there is certainly a lot to take into account when buying a radiator. Here at Bella Bathrooms we cater to all tastes, requirements and budgets with our diverse selection of stunning and high quality radiators. You will be spoilt for choice.

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What is Available in the Radiators Range?

  • Column Radiators
  • Designer Radiators
  • White Radiators
  • Black Radiators
  • Aluminium Radiators
  • Traditional Radiators
  • Electric Radiators

Transform your bathroom with one of our striking and stylish radiators

Our extensive assortment of radiators ensures you are able to find the perfect one for your bathroom. Nonetheless, we know it can often be a bit confusing when deciding what option to go for. So we have put together a step-by-step guide to help you make your decision.

Step One: Choose from the following radiator heating options:

  1. Central Heating – You can opt for a traditional central heating radiator. These can easily be incorporated into your existing heating system. They provide efficiency and easy maintenance.
  2. Dual Fuel – Dual fuel systems are incredibly popular, as you will be able to heat your bathroom in isolation. This means that you do not need to turn your entire main heating system on, which is extremely beneficial during the summer months. It ensures no energy is wasted.
  3. Electric – Electric systems are popular since no pipework or flue is required. They are flexible, comfortable and give you great control over heating system, with rapid response to sudden alterations in room temperature.

Step Two: Choose your style of radiator

  1. Contemporary
  2. Traditional

Step Three: Choose from the following finishes:

  1. Aluminium – Aluminium radiators have long been a popular choice, thanks to its heat conducting properties. It is also lightweight and one of the most eco-friendly options.
  2. White – You can’t go wrong with a white radiator – fresh, clean and versatile.
  3. Chrome – If you have a small or awkward shaped bathroom, a chrome radiator is an excellent choice, as the finish reflects the light and creates the illusion of more space.
  4. Anthracite – Our anthracite radiators offer the perfect blend between practicality and elegance.
  5. Black – Black radiators are ideal for those wanting to create a contemporary vibe.
  6. Stainless Steel – Stainless steel radiators are stunning, adding a touch of luxury and class to your bathroom.

We even have a few other choices available as well, such as anodised, polished silver, white and chrome, red and graphite.