Hinged Shower Doors

Hinged shower doors can make your bathroom appear more luxurious and spacious. The clear glass doors help to reflect the natural light around your bathroom space making it appear brighter and larger. For the best showering experience, a hinged door will keep your shower enclosure tightly sealed helping to avoid water and steam damage in your bathroom. A hinged shower door has a classic operation yet are contemporary in style to suit any bathroom design. The opening of a hinged glass shower door couldn't be more straightforward as it pivots on shower door hinges and that is what makes this style of door popular in a modern bathroom. Beautiful glass panels with chrome edgings typify this style of door while for a more minimalist appearance the frameless versions are extremely contemporary in style. View our range of designer glass hinged doors and we are sure that you will find a shower door to best match your bathroom style.

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Frameless Hinged Shower Door

Available in a range of sizes and in gorgeous gleaming finishes, we have the perfect hinged shower door for your enclosure. We are confident with our generous range of sizes we will have a design to fit any bathroom space. These clear glass hinged doors are available in either a frame or frameless design (the latter working especially well with a minimalist bathroom design). All the doors are finished with chrome or polished silver fittings and handles so that they retain a feeling of modern class. Most of the glass shower doors are offered with a left or right orientation on the door so that you can best fit the door to your bathroom layout.

Modern features such as magnetic closing doors or a soft close shower door seal will ensure your shower space closes properly and endure high use over a long period of time. Some of the glass shower doors come with The Clean & Clear™ glass protection system which creates a 'non-stick' surface on your shower enclosure that resists lime scale build-up along with water spots allowing your shower enclosure to maintain its pristine condition for longer. Having this easy clean glass also means that your shower enclosure will remain a more hygienic showering area. Constructed from toughened safety glass you can also be assured of the quality of these items.

Of all the glass doors mentioned these are probably the easiest to use and are a good door to choose for those with limited mobility as they allow easy access to your shower enclosure. From the UK’s leading manufacturers as well as being made from the finest quality products, you can be rest assured that you have many years of happy safe showering ahead if you purchase from us. Offered with a lifetime guarantee as standard what more could you wish for?