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Corner Cabinets

A corner bathroom cabinet is a clever space saving bathroom furniture design. A brilliant means of claiming extra storage provision in what is traditionally the smallest room in the house, as well as a way of using up otherwise empty space in our bathrooms; corner bathroom cabinets are definitely here to stay. Corner cabinets are becoming increasingly popular in cloakroom and en-suite bathrooms where space is at a premium as they allow you to keep bathroom items out of view from guests. If you team them with a compact corner toilet they really help to maximize the space available. A corner bathroom cabinet has double the benefit; they take up a minimal amount of space in the bathroom and they help you to keep your bathroom tidy by providing vital storage. A tidy bathroom will always appear larger regardless of its actual size. We stock the most extensive range of bathroom cabinets UK designers have to offer and you will find endless styles of furniture to suit a range of different bathrooms.

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What is Available in the Corner Cabinet Range?

  • Tall Corner Bathroom Cabinet
  • White Corner Bathroom Cabinet
  • Mirrored Corner Bathroom Cabinet
  • Corner Wall Cabinet

Why Choose a Corner Cabinet?

A corner bathroom cabinet is ideal for hiding all your bathroom essentials away in what is typically the smallest room in the home by utilising the unused area of the bathroom. We have a variety of corner bathroom storage options to best fit your own bathroom design. You’ll find most corner bathroom cabinets on the market these days are available in mirrored versions to provide the appearance of much-needed extra space by reflecting the natural light around the room. Make a corner bathroom cabinet one of your vital bathroom accessories and choose a corner unit to best match your space.

What are the Design Features of Corner Cabinets?

Corner cabinets are sleek looking in design since there are no bulky corners, simply the one straight surface facing us. The HiB Minnesota Illuminated Cabinet is particularly impressive looking and really reflects the light around a room perfectly. Corner cabinets can vary slightly in their edging and whether they are a one door cabinet or a two door cabinet. Most of the corner bathroom cabinet doors can open either way and we’d advise here at Bella Bathrooms that it’s a good idea to check before buying which cabinet would be best for your own particular bathroom.

Additional Features

As you’d expect, corner bathroom cabinets come with various added features these days such as the integrated energy-saving Minnesota back-lit LED mirror cabinet with soft close door and wooden shelf or the Croydex Avisio double stainless steel corner bathroom cabinet with a 120 degree hinge for increased accessibility and two adjustable tempered glass shelves. The Ultra Niche cabinet features a light, shaving socket and digital clock making it one of the most functional corner cabinets.

Corner bathroom cabinets all tend to be mirrored and can be framed or unframed while also coming in geometric and straight edged or curved edged shaping to suit different bathroom designs. A mirror cabinet will help to reflect the natural light around the bathroom to create a feeling of spaciousness. A corner bathroom cabinet will fit in seamlessly with a variety of different bathrooms - they are even useful in larger bathrooms which are trying to create a minimalist feel.

It is therefore not surprising that there is a decent corner unit selection to choose from these days such is the versatility and clever storage capacity of corner cabinets. Take a look at our corner bathroom cabinet selection here at Bella Bathrooms and we are sure you will find a cabinet to best fit your space. Our varied cabinet range is offered at a competitive price to ensure all budgets can have a corner bathroom cabinet if they so wish. We are also able to offer decent manufacturers’ guarantees on each cabinet assuring you that your corner bathroom cabinet will last you for years to come.