Quadrant shower trays and enclosures are the best decision in any bathroom where saving floor space is essential. The quadrant shower tray fits into the corner of the room allowing you to plan the rest of your bathroom with freedom. This clever space saving tray design utilises the unused area of the bathroom meaning the quadrant shower enclosure doesn’t impact too much on your bathroom. Space saving quadrant shower enclosures are becoming ever popular with the current trend for people wishing to fit a separate shower enclosure in their bathroom and so a large variety of quadrant shower trays are now available to create curved shower enclosures. Here at Bella Bathrooms we have a generous selection of quadrant shower trays from the UK‘s top manufacturers assuring you of the top quality of these stylish shower trays.

What Style of Quadrant Shower Trays are Available?

  • Quadrant Low Profile Shower Trays
  • Quadrant Standard Shower Trays
  • Quadrant Easy Plumb Shower Trays
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Why Choose a Quadrant Shower Tray?

Space Saving Design

Quadrant shower trays are space saving in design as they create the look of a curved shower enclosure yet provide you with a generous showering space within the quadrant shower. The 900mm quadrant shower enclosure is a popular choice and as such we have a good selection of stone resin quadrant shower trays to match this need.

The design of the quadrant trays also differ in terms of the finish of shape both inside and outside of the shower tray which means you can match the style to the theme of your bathroom. From slim line quadrant trays for a more contemporary bathroom to chunkier quadrant trays for a traditional bathroom our range has it covered.

Different Heights

There are three types of quadrant shower trays, low profile, standard and easy plumb. The low profile quadrant shower tray looks minimalistic and modern especially for flush floor fitting. Standard quadrant shower trays are great for replacing an old tray or to keep that standing water away. Make life easy for your plumber with an easy plumb quadrant shower tray that means all the pipe work is accessible yet hidden beneath the tray.

Position of Waste

There is also flexibility with where you can have the shower waste situated in the tray and this is down to personal preference. Choose between a central, corner or mid curve position for your excess water to drain away from shower tray efficiently. This in turn helps to keep your shower tray cleaner and more hygienic so that your quadrant enclosure will keep its pristine look in your bathroom.

Here at Bella Bathrooms, we only stock the best in our tray range; we have a quadrant shower tray for every situation and every size shower enclosure that you may have in your bathroom. Supplied from the UK’s leading manufacturers you can be assured of the quality of the quadrant shower tray as they are offered with lengthy product guarantees as standard. View our range of quadrants shower trays and you will not be disappointed with the choice of quadrant shower trays that we have available that will make a valuable addition to your bathroom in helping you to create a quadrant shower enclosure.