The square shower enclosure is one of the most popular shower enclosures that you are likely to find on the market, and due to this, the range of shower trays you have to choose from for your bathroom is almost endless. Our square shower trays come in a huge variety of sizes and finishes to suit numerous styles of shower enclosures. To create a compact square shower area choose a 700mm x 700mm shower tray or if you have a little extra room our popular 800mm x 800mm shower tray range will make the ideal shower base. Square shaped shower trays fit neatly into your bathroom and are easy to match with other bathroom suite items. View our range and you will be surprised at the variety of square shower trays that we offer.

What Style of Square Shower Tray is Available?

  • Square Low Profile Shower Trays
  • Square Standard Shower Trays
  • Square Easy Plumb Shower Trays

For those looking to find a small shower tray we find a popular choice is our square shower trays. They tend to be more compact in style and sit neatly into the corner of the bathroom. A square shower tray is the ideal shower base for achieving a geometric feel in your bathroom design.

Why Choose a Square Shower Tray?

Depending on what style you are aiming for in your bathroom, the style of square shower tray you choose could make a big difference, if modern and contemporary is the style of your bathroom; the low profile shower tray helps you achieve a minimalist look to your bathroom or for a geometric contemporary feel choose a standard square design. At Bella Bathrooms, we have a fantastic selection of low profile, standard and easy plumb square shower trays all designed to help you finish off your dream shower enclosure.

Choosing which style of square shower tray will suit your bathroom it is important to consider the overall theme of your bathroom. You can choose between different shapes of rim and edging both inside and outside of the shower tray. Choose a solid looking square tray to compliment a modern bathroom which follows geometric lines or choose a more discreet slim line square tray to create a more elegant feel. One thing for sure our generous range of square shower trays will give you plenty of options.

Size and Waste Options

When selecting the correct square shower tray for your bathroom you can choose between different sizes and waste positions. We have trays to fit more compact bathrooms to square trays that would suit the most opulent of walk in showers or enclosures. Whatever space you have in your bathroom we will have a square tray to fit. The waste within the tray is positioned either in the corner of the tray or the centre and some even have it on the middle of one side. This positioning is personal preference and all aim to aid your showering experience by removing the excess water.

All of our square shower trays have been designed with the latest bathroom technology to give you a selection of quality trays to choose from. Creating square shower trays that are durable yet light to handle and easy to maintain the features of these trays make them a valuable addition to your bathroom.

We are confident that whatever it is you wish to find in a square shower tray we will have it covered here at Bella Bathrooms to help you create your ideal shower enclosure for your bathroom. The majority of our square shower trays come with a lifetime or generous guarantee which will satisfy you that you are making a top quality purchase when buying a square shower tray from us!