Mirrors (non lit)


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  1. Mito Oak Mirror 900mm
    £49.00 Was £190.00
  2. Moods Nola Bathroom Mirror 800 x 600
    £114.19 Was £175.00
  3. Burlington Classic Grey Bathroom Mirror 600mm
    £159.11 Was £219.46
  4. RAK Joy Standard Wall Hung Mirror 1000 x 680mm
    £110.85 Was £205.00
  5. Frontline Vogue Copper Mirror
    £147.48 Was £163.00
  6. Burlington Arched Mirror
  7. York Stone Grey Woodgrain Mirror 600mm
    £127.14 Was £274.00
  8. RAK Joy Wall Hung Standard Mirror 800 x 680mm
    £99.23 Was £183.50
  9. Old London Twilight Blue Mirror 600mm
    £125.75 Was £271.00
  10. York Porcelain White Ash Mirror 600mm
    £127.14 Was £274.00
  11. Burlington Sand Without LED Bathroom Mirror 600mm
    £144.28 Was £199.00
  12. York Royal Grey Mirror 600mm
    £127.14 Was £274.00

Items 1-24 of 112

Set Descending Direction

Every bathroom needs a mirror – and not just for functional purposes either. Make your en-suite appear twice the size by hanging a bathroom mirror on one wall, or liven up a dull corner by positioning a fabulously-shaped designer bathroom mirror such as a tear drop-shaped or arched mirror. Bathroom mirrors help to reflect the natural light around the room creating a feeling of spaciousness and brightness. Some large bathroom mirrors even have incorporated shelving as part of their design, providing much-needed additional storage space for smaller bathrooms. Here at Bella Bathrooms you can buy a bathroom mirror in a range of finishes from chrome and silver to wood and even perspex to match your bathroom design. Whether you are searching for a modern or traditional mirror style we will have the ideal bathroom mirror for your bathroom or cloakroom.