Cloakroom Suites


Cloakroom suites consisting of a toilet and a basin are increasingly common within the modern home as they provide a solution for an additional bathroom area. These small bathroom suites are suitable for use in compact bathrooms; team with a shower in en-suites or a ‘downstairs toilet’. With an affordable price tag our cloakroom sets are becoming widely available to all as a solution to help the morning family rush or young families. Cloakroom suites offer a space saving solution in your main bathroom too due to the clever toilet and basin designs available. View the extensive range of cloakroom toilets, basins or cloakroom vanity units to best fit even the smallest of bathrooms and even match your existing bathroom suite creating a unity throughout the home.

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What is Available in the Cloakroom Suites Range?

  • Cloakroom Toilets
  • Cloakroom Basins
  • Cloakroom Suites with Vanity Units
  • Cloakroom Suites with Basins

No space is too small with our great range of small cloakroom suites available to choose from. Investing in a cloakroom suite can not only help cater for the modern working family by creating a separate toilet area but also add significant value to your home as these extra bathroom areas are highly sought after. View our range of cloakroom suites and see how these fabulous toilet and basin suites can bring style to your additional bathroom areas.

What do Cloakroom Suites Consist of?

  • Cloakroom Toilets - designed to save you space with wall hung toilets, back to wall toilets and small toilets in a range of styles perfect for your cloakroom.
  • Cloakroom Basins - help your small cloakroom gain those vital extra inches with these space saving basin designs such as a corner or wall hung basin.
  • Cloakroom Suites with Vanity Units - offered as small bathroom suites these toilet and vanity unit combos feature compact dimensions to suit even the smallest cloakroom.
  • Cloakroom Suites with Basins - if you are looking for particularly small cloakroom ideas then the style of these basin and toilet combos will suit an array of different sized cloakrooms.

Cloakroom suites traditionally consist of a simple cloakroom toilet and basin combo. More recently even small showers can be included in these cloakroom suites to provide a completely separate bathing area for your home. People can also couple a cloakroom suite with a bath for more compact bathrooms. When it comes to refurbishing or adding an en suite or ‘downstairs toilet’ many of which are limited with regards to space customers now turn to cloakroom suites for an additional bathroom, due to their compact toilet and basin sizes and great functionality.

Design Adaptations

Just because you are short of space in a cloakroom it doesn’t mean it can’t be transformed into a functional and stylish area. The items of the cloakrooms suites (usually a toilet and basin) are built to typically smaller dimensions to maximize the space in rooms. Features such as corner or slimline cloakroom basins best fit into these smaller areas. Integrated vanities and back to wall toilets also help to best utilise the space whilst giving a sleek look to your cloakroom or en-suite. Just because you are fitting out a smaller bathroom area our range of designs mean you needn't compromise on style.

These bathroom suites for small bathrooms are perfect for your cloakroom and we aim to provide you with a range of different cloakroom ideas. You will find the perfect cloakroom suites to match your space regardless of your size and style preference. Have you ever considered a toilet with integrated basin? This clever space saving design combines a toilet and sink (above the cistern) to help you fit an additional toilet into the most space compromised areas of your home.

At Bella Bathrooms, we have a fantastic range of cloakroom suites available in a range of different styles from traditional to contemporary to suit any bathroom. We also have cloakroom suites with the option of bathroom storage to truly get the most from your cloakroom space. This stunning range of cloakroom suites available allows you to create your own perfect bathroom suite in the smallest of spaces or bathroom.