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Easy Access Bathrooms

Easy access bathrooms are essential and at Bella Bathrooms we aim to cater for all and with our great range of disabled bathroom products. We are able to provide a range of bathroom suites which include showers or baths that offers ease of use to both the disabled and those affected by limited movement. Ensuring that your bathroom suite is usable is one of the most important aspects of disabled bathroom design and with our expansive range of grab rails, seats and easy access baths, showers and basins we aim to make both bathing and manoeuvrability around your bathroom as easy as possible. Our range of comfort height toilets ensure those with limited movement can use the toilet more easily. Choose easy access showers to keep your bathroom at the edge of modern design. View our range of products here at Bella Bathrooms and see how our easy access bathroom design can help disabled and elderly bathroom users.

What is Available in our Easy Access Range?

  • Easy Access Bathroom Sets
  • Easy Access Basins
  • Disabled Toilets
  • Walk in Baths
  • Easy Access Showers
  • Easy Access Accessories

What can you choose from in the Disabled Bathrooms Range?

There is no need for you to not enjoy bathing, washing or showering in your bathroom just because of personal limitations and this is why we are proud of our extensive bathroom suite range to improve your bathroom. Easy access bathrooms aim to provide disabled users with a good choice of stylish disabled bathroom products.

Easy Access Bathroom Sets

Style is just as important as function and that is why our easy access bathroom sets are attractive suites. These bathroom suites have all the essential suite components plus additional support rails and holders all designed to maintain coordination throughout your suite. Choose a stylish walk in shower or bath or if you have room both to complete your bathroom.

Easy Access Basins

We stock a range of stylish basins including wall hung and corner basins which allow for more floor space in the room. These easy access basins are ideal for wheelchair users as they often feature hand rails for towels beneath the basin. The taps on these basins can often be adjusted to either side to help the user’s access. There is a good range of these basins available at a variety of prices to suit any budget.

Easy Access Toilets

The range of easy access toilets that we stock allow those with limited mobility to use the toilet as independently as they wish. The range of stylish contemporary or traditional toilets have a range of built-in features that make visiting the bathroom a breeze, full-access cisterns, push-button dual flush facilities and rimless flushing technology all combine to make these easy access toilets very easy to use. Other features include comfort-height toilets and back to wall bidets that have a unique easy accessible design. This range provides functional pieces with effortless style.

Easy Access Baths

Those of us with limited mobility should still be able to enjoy a relaxing soak in the bath. We have walk in baths which feature anti-slip surfaces and hand rails and grips to minimise accidents in the bathroom allowing individuals to bathe with confidence and control. The design of easy access baths with sleek white acrylic means they fit perfectly in many contemporary bathrooms. Baths are a luxury and we feel that they should be part of anyone’s bathroom regardless of their condition.

Easy Access Showering

The easy access showering encompasses both wet rooms and shower cubicles. Wet rooms are popular for this as they are on the same level as the floor making them most accessible. Walk in shower areas are becoming more popular too. We also stock a range of slimline shower trays which make accessing the shower almost as easy. The showers themselves also have features to make them user friendly, push button starts, phased shutdowns and maximum temperature restrictions.

Easy Access Accessories

The easy access accessories we stock are simple but essential products such as non-slip bath mats to advanced products in the form of touchless soap dispensers and adjustable shower seats. The easy access range features many different styles of each product, ranging from a cost effective option to the definitive stylish option – Bella Bathrooms caters for all budgets.

Here at Bella Bathrooms if you crave a walk in shower or love to take baths we have something in our easy access range to suit you all supplied from top UK manufacturers which assures you of their quality.