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Although a contemporary bathroom may look different in the opinion of different users, there are some specific features we look for when designing a modern bathroom. Geometrical shapes, scarce decorative flourishes, neutral colours and natural materials are the main characteristics of a modern bathroom, a style that is defined by a tendency to a clean and minimalistic feel. Therefore, when creating a modern bathroom the homeowner will be looking to create a space that dazzles for its functionality and simplicity.

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Modern Bathroom Vanity Units

When it comes to modern bathroom suites, there is one piece that can’t be ignored: a floating vanity. These wall hung vanities expose a peek of the floor below them, which creates the impression of a larger, more streamlined room.

For a more modern look, choose floating vanities of soft, solid colours or subtle wood grain patterns. A new vanity with an integrated sink-top will enhance the minimalist approach, but in order to create a strong statement we would advise you consider adding a satin nickel-finished, tumbled bronze or oil rubbed-hue modern basin taps for an amazing modern look. Read More...

Modern Bathroom Lighting

The perfect modern bathroom will require bright lighting. Pendant or globe lights are a good choice, but why not go a step further and install recessed shelves lighting or down lighting underneath your floating cabinets? Combined with a dark floor, this lighting will bring your bathroom to a luxurious next level.

Contemporary Design Bathroom

Contemporary bathrooms may seem a bit cold or impersonal, but their simplicity can easily be solved by creating a focal point in the neutrality of the space. A freestanding bath can be a great visual anchor point for your bathroom. But if the space is a bit reduced for you to have a bathtub, a statement wall can also make wonders. Whether you choose to display photos or pictures on a gallery wall, tile only one wall or decide to go for a feature wall with exposed bricks, this is a great way of elevating the look of the entire space without incurring in big expenses.