Shower Seats

Shower seats are the perfect accessory for any shower enclosure. A shower seat can help make your showering experience more comfortable and for those with disabilities or mobility issues a shower chair could make a big difference to their bathing experience. A seat within the shower makes bathing much easier for someone who finds access to the bath difficult or those of us who want to sit on a seat within the shower and enjoy a lengthier shower experience. At Bella Bathrooms we offer both folding shower seats and a shower stools to cater for all possible situations. These are particularly popular for people hoping to create a stylish yet practical easy access bathroom suite. The addition of a quality shower seat or stool to your shower means that all ages can enjoy bathing in your shower space. Choose from our shower seats UK designer range to add either practicality or luxury to your shower space.

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Shower Chairs

A quality shower seat or stool can provide users who require easy access to their shower enclosure with a perfect solution to their bathing needs. All of the shower seat and shower stool range come with safety features that give the user peace of mind that these quality items will be safe to use in the shower. A wall mounted shower seatl need not be unstylish either and we think our range proves this whilst providing a solution for people who find showering difficult.

Folding Shower Seat

A folding shower seat can be easily folded back into the wall meaning they are not obstructing movement when they are not in use, still providing the practicality but giving your bathroom a minimalistic look and feel.

Wall Mounted Shower Seat

A wall mounted shower seat is also a practical addition to a larger shower enclosure as it is in position ready for use whenever it is required.

Shower Stool

A shower stool is a more sturdy shower chair with arms making it an ideal disabled shower seat. It can then be removed from the shower enclosure when other users wish to shower.

In keeping with the growing trend for a preference for a shower over a bath these items can be invaluable to those who struggle to stand unaided for short periods. With this range of shower seats showering can become the most viable option for everyone. Available in a variety of finishes from a simple white seat to more stylish walnut veneer seat with chrome fittings to best suit the style of your bathroom. A shower chair can also add comfort for those who like to indulge in their shower time.

Shower Seats UK

Additional shower seats that we provide allow the user to place them exactly where they wish in the bathroom. A shower stool is therefore more flexible than a fixed shower seat. The modular stool provides support for the user along their back too. The slip resistant feet ensure that it will not slip when the floor becomes wet guaranteeing safety for the user. We also stock an adjustable freestanding bath and shower seat that has built in hold handles so that the user can remain balanced and it is again fitted with these safety conscious rubber feet. Finally we supply an easy fit bath bench that provides users with a raised seat for easier bathing. Soft caps on the edge of the bench protect both the bath and the seat from any movement once in use. A shower seat is a vital piece of kit in a bathroom that is to be used by people with mobility issues.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we pride ourselves on providing practical solutions to any bathing issues within our enclosures selection. View our range of shower seats and see the top quality products we can supply from the UK’s leading manufacturers.