Shower Screens

To save space in your bathroom a shower bath is a perfect solution and choosing the accompanying bath shower screen has never provided you with such a variety of screens. Bath shower screens are rapidly becoming a universal replacement for the traditional shower curtain and with easy to clean glass shower screens and multiple design options you can see why. Due to the vast expanse in the style of showerbaths available the shower screen has also had to develop and that is why we have a stunning range of shower bath screens and folding bath screens. Contemporary glass shower screens are creating a more modern style for your bathroom and replacing the more traditional shower curtain. These over bath shower screens allow more light into your bathroom too helping smaller bathrooms to feel more spacious.

What is Available in the Shower Screen Range?

  • Folding Shower Screens
  • Bath Screens
  • Glass Shower Screens
  • Cheap Shower Screens

Why Choose a Shower Screen?

Glass shower screens are available in a variety of shapes and styles to match most modern bath designs. These bath shower screens help to keep your bathroom protected from the spray of a shower whilst creating more light in your bathroom as the glass screen reflects the natural light around your bathroom. A choice between fixed or folding shower screens can help you to select the best bath screen to suit your bathroom space. Choose a bath shower screen from our large range and you will find it is a valuable addition to any modern bathroom.

Folding Shower Screens

These bath shower screens are ideal for those of us with smaller bathroom spaces. They help to protect the rest of the bathroom from the spray of the shower yet can be folded away when not in use. This helps those smaller bathrooms to look more spacious when the screen is not in use. These folding shower screens are available in a range of contemporary designs and if you are looking for a minimalist design then the frameless shower screen designs are perfect.

Bath Screens

An extensive range of bath screens are now available due to the large variety of styles and sizes of bath to choose from in the current bathroom market. These fixed bath screens help to create a highly effective watertight panel that protects your bathroom from the shower when in use. We also stock shower screen seal to ensure you get a completely water proof fit at the base of the bath shower screen. These glass shower screens don’t block the light as you might find with a traditional shower curtain and they are very easy to maintain making your shower bath more hygienic. Choose from curved, straight and even sail shaped bath shower screens that would suit a nautical themed bathroom.

The standard bath screen can also include a range of extras including fixed and swivel fixing options and towel rails increasing the practicality of your bathroom.

View our large range of bath shower screens and we are sure you will find a modern glass shower screen to suit your bathroom. All supplied with lifetime guarantees as standard from leading UK manufacturers you can be assured of the quality of all our shower screens. We are also pleased to offer cheap shower screens so that these glass screens are not out of budget for our customers.