Wet Rooms

Wanting to create a modern bathroom space? Swap a traditional shower cubicle for a minimalist wet room area and enjoy the freedom of design you have with this type of shower space. No luxury bathroom is complete without a stylish wet room enclosure with its unique style. These enclosures are an easy way to achieve an opulent shower room area that can be made unique to your bathroom space. A wet room is essentially a waterproof space that creates a walk in shower enclosure style. Some designs include simply installing single glass screens and a wet room shower tray. They may be simplistic in design but are a stunning addition to a contemporary bathroom. Here at Bella Bathrooms we offer a good range of wet room screens that are supplied from the leading manufacturers in the UK. This assures you of the top quality of these sleek glass panels which are backed up by a lifetime guarantee offered as standard. With so many wet room ideas available you are truly spoilt for choice for adding a designer touch to your bathroom space.

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Shower Room Ideas

At Bella Bathrooms, we have a vast selection of wet room panels available in a variety of sizes. Choose from single or double panels to design the perfect shower enclosure for your bathroom suite. These stylish glass panels come in a variety of different chrome edges to finish off the look of your modern enclosure perfectly. Most of these wet room screens come with a clear glass finish but if you are looking for something a little different then we have the ideal solution for you.

Wet Room Design

Want to create a darker moody effect in your bathroom that makes your shower area more discreet, we have a variety of smoked panels now available from distinguished brands such as April and Merlyn Showers. Both offer this darkened glass to help achieve a more contemporary designer look for your bathroom suite. This is one of many modern wet room ideas that will add instant class to your bathroom.

They will suit a variety of bathrooms but especially those who are aiming for a contemporary minimalist design for their shower space. Due to the lack of shower tray in this type of enclosure the placement of wet room panels is entirely down to you meaning you can choose the perfect location within your bathroom without being limited to a certain size as you would be with regular shower enclosures. In large bathrooms you may even have space to design a shower space that allows for more than one shower head behind the wet room screen bringing a real feel of lavishness.

Wet room flooring requires a slight gradient so that the excess water drains away quickly from the shower area helping to ensure the whole of your bathroom doesn’t get wet! An added bonus of this modern design is that due to the simplicity of the style it is easy to maintain and also easy to keep your bathroom area looking clean.

Wet rooms are a hassle free way of creating a really modern and stylish shower enclosure for your bathroom space and one you should consider when looking at your bathroom design. They perfectly team style and practicality and are fast becoming one of the most popular and sumptuous options in our generous enclosures range.