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Shower Doors

There is a lot demanded of a shower door these days. Not only do they have to be functional and neat in order to keep in the water of course, but style too is a big factor for most bathrooms. With an increase in people wanting to have separate shower enclosures for their bathroom. Smaller bathrooms are best suited to sliding or bi fold shower doors as they don’t open out in the bathroom restricting the remaining amount of space. Most of the shower enclosure door designs work in larger bathrooms, such as hinged or pivot doors or opt for the ultimate luxury of a walk in shower enclosure. As you will see designs have altered greatly from the traditional pivot style glass door. Create the ideal enclosure with the correct door type for your bathroom and match it with one of our shower trays.

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What is Available in the Shower Door Range?

  • Bi-Fold
  • Sliding
  • Pivot
  • Hinged

We have a vast range online for you to choose from to create that perfect enclosure regardless of bathroom size. From stunning glass panels to create an airy feel to a pivot door which can fit into the smallest recessed shower areas we will have the solution to your shower door requirements.

The clear glass helps to reflect light around the bathroom making your bathroom feel more spacious. There are so many different makes and models of shower doors available you will be spoilt for choice when designing your ideal shower enclosure for your bathroom. A beautiful glass panel can really add contemporary style to your bathroom area and make for a stunning shower enclosure.

Which Shower Door will Suit Your Bathroom?

Bi fold

A very flexible type of enclosure door, Bi fold doors fold in on themselves and because of this don’t take up much space. The clear glass panels neatly fold away and as a result they are perfect for smaller bathrooms and en-suites. The bi fold shower doors can be fitted into a tight corner or even a recess and require a side panel for balance. With these shower enclosures having the ability to fold back when not in use creates the illusion of more space in your bathroom too.


Just as the name suggests these sliding shower doors slide - or rather glide seamlessly - along a runner and are very simple to operate. The sliding glass panels offer a very modern and minimalist look to any shower enclosure and allow for a large showering area in your bathroom. They also fit snugly together which happily means you won’t have to worry about water escaping from your shower enclosure onto your bathroom floor.


Pivot doors are very neat looking and can be bought either with an additional glass panel or in a singular fashion (when cleverly fitted into a recessed area). Pivot shower doors tend to be found in larger bathrooms and you’ll find they tend to have a bit of a luxurious feel about them. They are a flexible style of door as they can be used for shower enclosures in the centre of a bathroom and leaning against a wall or even in the corner of the room making them a good option for a variety of enclosures.


A hinged door can add a touch of class to any bathroom in which it is fitted. There is also a reassuring sound when the door closes, knowing that the shower enclosure is completely sealed and there’ll be no danger of water escaping onto your pristine bathroom floor. These clear glass hinged doors are available in either a frame or frameless design (the latter working especially well with a minimalist bathroom design). Framed options usually come with chrome hinges which can give a nice co-ordinated look for the enclosures with similarly finished bathroom fittings. Of all the glass doors mentioned these are probably the easiest to use and are a good shower door to choose for those with mobility problems as they allow easy access to a shower enclosure.

Find the perfect door to compliment your shower enclosure by reading our handy Buyer's Guide: Shower Doors. This aims to help you choose the ideal enclosure type to best match your given bathroom space.