Shower Doors

Glass shower doors are an essential part of any enclosure to create functionality and style. The type of shower door you select is often down to practical implications dependent on your bathroom size and layout. With an increasing popularity for people wanting to have separate shower enclosures in their bathroom these glass shower door styles are improving to meet the demand. As you will see designs have altered greatly from the traditional pivot style glass door with a selection of frameless shower doors in sliding or hinged versions which are perfect for modern bathrooms. Create the ideal showering area with the correct door type for your bathroom and match it with one of our designer shower trays. With the vast selection of showers doors UK manufacturer’s have developed you will be pleasantly surprised at the top quality choice on offer.

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Shower Doors UK

We have a vast range of glass shower doors online from the UK's leading manufacturers for you to choose from to create that perfect enclosure regardless of bathroom size. From stunning large glass panels to create an airy feel to a pivot door which can fit into the smallest recessed shower areas. Smaller bathrooms are best suited to sliding or bi fold shower doors as they don’t open out in the bathroom restricting the remaining amount of space. Most of the door designs work in larger bathrooms especially hinged or pivot doors as they have the room allow the door to open out into the bathroom. Many now feature magnetic shower door seal designs to ensure the ultimate watertight finish.

The clear glass helps to reflect light around the bathroom making your bathroom feel brighter and more spacious. There are so many different makes and models of shower doors available you will be spoilt for choice when designing the ideal enclosure design for your bathroom. A beautiful glass panel can really add contemporary style to your bathroom area and make for a stunning shower space.

Find the perfect door to compliment your enclosure by reading our handy Buyer's Guide: Shower Doors. This aims to help you choose the ideal door type to best match your given bathroom space.