Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Choose a quadrant shower enclosure to give your bathroom that sought after separate shower unit in your bathroom. Quadrant shower enclosures are a modern take on a traditional square or rectangular shower enclosure shape. These enclosures feature a curved front which helps create the impression of more space as the smooth shape of the enclosure doesn’t command as much of your bathroom yet the area inside the enclosure isn’t compromised. A curved shower area matches the soft shape of a corner bath perfectly mirroring its space saving design making this shower enclosure the ideal pairing for your bathroom suite. Our space saving quadrant shower trays will help you complete the ideal enclosure. We are confident here at Bella Bathroom you will find a curved shower enclosure to best fit your bathroom at a very competitive price.

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Quadrant Shower

A quadrant shower suits both a compact bathroom and a bathroom that is aiming to create a softer look to its design. These curved shower enclosures are growing in popularity and as such we stock a range of different styled quadrant shower enclosures and of course the associated trays to compliment this type of shower space.

Curved Shower Enclosures

Quadrant shower cubicles are designed to fit into even the smallest bathrooms whilst providing modern styling. This styling makes the enclosure look smooth and sleek within your bathroom and helps the bathroom appear larger than it actually is. The addition of a curving enclosure to your bathroom can help you create a modern bathroom which is utilising the available space perfectly. Choose a frameless version to create a truly contemporary feel.

These enclosures are also available in a variety of sizes from compact enclosures to more generous sized enclosures. Just because they can be space saving in design doesn’t mean that you can’t choose a large version in this style if this is which you would prefer. Our range of 900 quadrant shower enclosure designs are particularly popular. Check out the bow fronted options which will further enhance the available size within the shower enclosure. Across our range enclosures are commonly available in single or double doors options depending on the size you require.

Check out our varied range of quadrant shower enclosure and tray designs here at Bella Bathrooms and you will find a range of shower enclosures that are not only stylish but also top quality. All the curved enclosures are offered with lifetime guarantees as standard from leading manufacturers’ and at a competitive price on the market what more could you wish for?