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  1. Croydex Esher Towel Rail
    £28.79 Was £40.18
  2. Croydex Esher Tumbler and Holder
    £20.06 Was £28.01
  3. Croydex Esher Glass Shelf
    £28.79 Was £40.18
  4. Croydex Chester Towel Rail
    £31.66 Was £44.20
  5. Croydex Chester Soap Dish and Holder
    £22.07 Was £30.80
  6. Croydex Chester Tumbler and Holder
    £22.07 Was £30.80
  7. Croydex Chester Single Robe Hook
    £12.48 Was £17.41
  8. Croydex Chester Towel Ring
    £23.99 Was £33.49
  9. Croydex Chester Toilet Roll Holder
    £19.18 Was £26.78
  10. Croydex Profile 800 U Shaped White Shower Curtain Rail

    Sale Price £49.01 Was £68.40

  11. Croydex Press N Lock Soap Dish and Holder
    £4.91 Was £6.84
  12. Croydex B-Smart Squeegee and Holder
    £4.46 Was £6.22
  13. Croydex Simpson Round Mirror
    £65.43 Was £91.32
  14. Croydex Harrop Rounded Rectangle Mirror
    £59.32 Was £82.79
  15. Croydex Belham Oval Mirror
    £74.15 Was £103.50
  16. Croydex Fairfield Arch Mirror with Shelf
    £69.77 Was £97.40
  17. Croydex Coniston Oval Mirror with Shelves
    £76.19 Was £105.47
  18. Croydex Hook and Glider Pack
    £6.70 Was £9.56

Items 1-24 of 330

Set Descending Direction

Here at Bella Bathrooms we pride ourselves on supplying only the finest most premium brands, and Croydex are definitely part of that category. Creating top quality bathroom products and accessories and offering fantastic value for money, Croydex are one of Bella Bathrooms’ top brands and we supply hundreds of their products on the website.

The Croydex collection has absolutely everything you need to create a functional, stylish and modern bathroom. For example, if you’re looking for shower products they offer affordable showerheads, shower rails and various accessories such as shower curtains, caddies and shower door seal kits. Croydex are also renowned for creating trendy and stylish lines, with colourful elements to make the bathroom a brighter and happier room. Their range of mirrored cabinets are available in six colours to ignite some fun into the restroom, including lime, blue and pink.