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  1. Croydex Hook and Glider Pack
    £6.45 Was £9.20
  2. Croydex Chrome Shower Curtain C Ring
    £2.44 Was £3.49
  3. Croydex Textile White Hookless Shower Curtain
    £18.06 Was £25.76
  4. Croydex Fineline Shower Curtain Hooks
    Awaiting Delivery
  5. Croydex Bath Shower Curtain Clip White
    £11.09 Was £15.79
  6. Croydex Chrome Cube Shower Curtain Ring
    £12.31 Was £17.56
  7. Croydex Chrome Disc Shower Curtain Ring
    £12.31 Was £17.56
  8. Croydex Chrome Ball Shower Curtain Ring
    £8.20 Was £11.70
  9. Croydex Clear Shower Curtain Button Ring
    £2.86 Was £4.08
  10. Croydex White Shower Curtain C Ring
    £1.95 Was £2.78
  11. Croydex Clear Shower Curtain C Ring
    £1.95 Was £2.78
  12. Croydex Light Blue Textile Shower Curtain
    £12.31 Was £17.56
  13. Croydex Ivory Textile Shower Curtain
    £12.31 Was £17.56
  14. Croydex White Textile Shower Curtain
    £12.31 Was £17.56
  15. Croydex Dotty Textile Shower Curtain
    £16.43 Was £23.42

Items 1-24 of 32

Set Descending Direction

Shower curtains and shower rails are the perfect selection when it comes to adding some extra privacy to your shower enclosure within your bathroom. A shower curtain gives you a discreet cover and the curtain helps to protect the rest of your bathroom from any excess spray from the shower. The beauty of designer curtains is that they can be installed almost anywhere and at the fraction of the price you would pay for a shower enclosure whilst also being able to match your bathroom decor. They can also be drawn back when not in use which can help to make your bathroom area appear larger. Shower curtains are less restrictive than shower enclosures in terms of the space they require in your bathroom making them a more flexible option. View our cheap shower curtains range and pick the ideal type to match your bathroom decor.

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