Reina Radiators


If you are looking for designer heating options for your bathroom then you will want to check out this fabulous range of Reina Radiators. We stock over 600 towel radiators to help you create the ideal heating solution for your bathroom space. With such a diverse range you can perfectly match your bathroom design with the numerous finishes on offer from shiny polished silver to a more masculine black finish. We are online stockists for the popular Neva range which is one of best sellers. The beautiful handmade finish of these towel rails and radiators can create a stunning finish in your bathroom regardless of the size or style you choose. Reina’s towel rail and radiator selection are suitable for a variety of different heating systems which include both centrally heated and electric options. Reina also offer a 5 year manufacturers guarantee as standard assuring you of the top quality of these ultra stylish products.

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What is Available in the Reina Range?

  • Towel Rails
  • Designer Radiators
  • Column Radiators
  • Stainless Steel Radiators
  • Aluminium Radiators
  • Radiator Valves

Reina’s range of towel rails and radiators will offer you a stylish heating solution for your bathroom and we are pleased to offer the best prices available online. Here we give you a quick rundown on the different types available for you to choose from;

Which Heating Option Will Suit Your Bathroom?

Towel Rails

Choose a towel rail to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom space as well as that all important heat source. There is nothing better than having warm towels to wrap around you as you leave the bath or shower. Choose from ladder rails with flat or rounded designs in a range of different sizes to keep your towels warmed ready for use. The bonus of installing a towel rail into your bathroom is that they are wall hung meaning that they can be fitted into even the smallest of bathroom spaces.

Designer Radiators

Reina’s range of designer radiators can truly create a focal point for your bathroom space such are their unique shapes. The contemporary designs can help to achieve a modern feeling for your bathroom. From curved sleek designer styles to minimalist geometric shapes this range encompasses it all and will help you inject that wow factor into your bathroom.

Column Radiators

The statuesque design of column radiators helps to create the illusion of more space in your bathroom by drawing the eye upwards. This contemporary style of radiator is becoming more popular not only in the bathroom but the entire home. They are a fantastic heat source but are not ideal for drying clothing or linen.

Aluminium Radiators

Aluminium radiators come in some stunning designs perfect for contemporary living spaces. They are more lightweight than other materials and can be moulded into sleek panels whilst requiring less water to heat them. They create a really glossy look and heat up very efficiently.

Stainless Steel Radiators

One of the most popular types of radiators is stainless steel and we stock over 100 different designs for you to choose from. They may be slightly more expensive to purchase but their greatest quality is durability and the fact they are not prone to rusting. This is important especially for bathrooms where they are exposed to moisture on a daily basis. Stainless steel radiators are also extremely efficient at conducting and emitting heat which of course are the most important features of a heating source!

Radiator Valves

The perfect accessories for your heating source are Reina’s range of radiator valves. Choose from a wide range of modern designs which feature both circular and geometric designs to best match the style of your radiator or towel rail. We also have thermostatic valves which give you control over the heat from your source. We can offer free Reina radiator valves across the entire range when you purchase a towel rail or radiator.

Whatever you are looking for when it comes to selecting the ideal heating source for your bathroom we are confident you will find it in this diverse Reina range which matches first class design with top quality. Check out our customers Reina radiator reviews to help you select the ideal accessory for your bathroom.