Frontline Taps

Frontline are a very highly regarded brand in the tap world, and for good reason; their products are high quality, practical, and the very essence of contemporary chic. Here at Bella Bathrooms we only stock trustworthy manufacturers, and we never hesitate to recommend Frontline for our customers’ tap needs.

Frontline taps can be seen in modern bathrooms across the globe, as their range has such a variety of styles. There is something for everyone, whether you prefer the more traditional bathroom style or the contemporary convenience of hi-tech features and cutting edge design. Frontline’s modern taps combine style and functionality, for a world class product you can rely on day in, day out.

Basin and bath taps are a part of our everyday lives – how many times a day do you touch the taps to wash your hands, brush your teeth and run a bath or shower? A stylish set of taps can totally transform your bathroom, as they are one of the most noticeable features.