Electric Radiators

Electric bathroom radiators are an inexpensive heating option and incredibly easy to install, making them are popular choice for many bathrooms today. Modern models of electric radiator tend to be slim line and as a result don’t take up a lot of room in what is traditionally a small room anyhow. This type of radiator can simply be plugged in at the wall as the heater itself works with via a heating element making electric radiators incredibly adaptable in the sense that it can be installed anywhere in a bathroom without consideration having to be paid to existing plumbing. We are pleased to offer a truly diverse range of electric radiators that will not only improve the heating in your bathroom but will also improve the look of your bathroom.

What is Available in the Electric Radiator Range?

  • Column Electric Radiators
  • Designer Electric Radiators
  • White Electric Radiators
  • Black Electric Radiators
  • Chrome Electric Radiators
  • Aluminium Electric Radiators
  • Traditional Electric Radiators
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Why Choose an Electric Radiator?

Radiator design has developed to create designer electric radiators that look modern and stylish whilst still being an efficient heating source. Electric radiators can also be of the ‘dual fuel’ heating variety which means there is the option of using either the heating element of the radiator itself or the home’s main heating supply. The dual fuel heating system is particularly good for the warmer months when you don’t want to be heating the whole house but just the bathroom making it extremely economical and eco-friendly as well as reducing your utility bills. An electric only bathroom radiator tends to heat up quickly in comparison to centrally heated radiators though the latter tends to maintain the heat for longer.

Generous Choice of Designs

We are no longer restrained to floor standing versions either. Wall mounted electric radiators give you that extra flexibility of positioning within your bathroom and also make them perfect for space compromised bathrooms. The variety of size and shape of electric radiators is so vast you will be spoilt for choice when choosing the perfect heating source for your bathroom. From traditional panel style radiators to slimline column style radiators there is an electric radiator to suit every bathroom theme.

Variety of Finishes

The choice for your designer electric radiator doesn’t end there with a decent range of finishes too. Still popular is the classic white colour which suits smaller bathrooms as it keeps the appearance of the room lighter, as is the chrome and polished silver finishes which can also help to reflect any natural light. Black and Anthracite are becoming more modern choices too as they create a sophisticated look to your bathroom.

Whatever style choice you make for your electric radiator you can be assured that these heating sources will add not just warmth but style to your bathroom. We offer these electric radiators from some of the leading manufacturers’ in the bathroom business so you can be assured your new electric radiator will match top quality to its good looks. Here at Bella Bathrooms we are confident you will find an electric radiator to suit any size or style of bathroom at an extremely competitive price.

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