Concealed Cisterns


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  1. Tavistock Vortex Concealed Slimline Cistern
    £93.53 Was £107.50
  2. Nuie Concealed Cistern With Wall Hung Frame
    £211.58 Was £456.00
  3. Frontline Concealed Cistern with Side Inlet
    £129.63 Was £142.00
  4. Frontline Square Dual Flush Button
    £53.94 Was £58.00
  5. Wirquin Concealed Cistern with Dual Flush Action
    Awaiting Delivery
  6. Nuie Concealed WC Cistern with Dual Flush
    £30.62 Was £66.00
  7. Frontline Grohe Dual Flush Concealed Cistern
    £108.75 Was £120.00
  8. Kartell K-VIT Keytec Chrome Flushplate
    £35.38 Was £61.00
  9. Kartell K-VIT Keytec Glass Black Flushplate
    £74.82 Was £129.00
  10. Kartell K-VIT Keytec Glass White Flushplate
    £74.82 Was £129.00

Items 1-24 of 56

Set Descending Direction

Without a concealed cistern a back to wall toilet would look great, but it wouldn't function as a toilet. To keep bathrooms looking minimalist it was decided that by using a hidden cistern behind a false wall or within a toilet vanity unit it would much improve the appearance of the toilet and therefore your bathroom space. By installing a slimline concealed cistern your toilet will look more modern and also help to remove any unsightly pipework spoiling the look of your bathroom. These concealed toilet cistern designs help to give a more contemporary edge to not only your toilet but indeed the entire bathroom space. Choose from our modern wall hung toilets or sleek back to wall toilet selection to bring a cool edge to your bathroom.