Concealed Cisterns

Without a concealed cistern a back to wall toilet would look great, but it wouldn't function as a toilet. To keep bathrooms looking minimalist it was decided that by using a hidden cistern behind a false wall or within bathroom furniture it would much improve the appearance of the toilet and therefore your bathroom space. By installing a slimline concealed cistern your toilet will look more modern and also help to remove any unsightly pipework spoiling the look of your bathroom. These concealed insulated cistern designs help to give a more contemporary edge to not only your toilet but indeed the entire bathroom space. Choose from our modern wall hung toilets or sleek back to wall selection to bring a cool edge to your bathroom.

Concealed Toilet Cistern

As modern bathroom design moves towards smooth lines and minimalist styles a hidden cistern is the perfect solution for your bathroom. Making your toilet unit integrated with your bathroom furniture can also help to save space in a smaller bathroom. We have a selection of slim concealed cisterns for toilets which are perfect for space saving too.

Slimline Concealed Cistern

This hidden cistern is operated remotely by a chrome finished push button which is attached to a pneumatic pipe that when pressed the movement of air inside the pipe flushes the concealed cistern. These days for water conservation the majority of concealed cisterns come with a dual flush offering a choice of 3 or 6 litres per flush. For a modern back to wall toilet with a dual flush push button there is also a concealed cistern dual flush and matching plate flush buttons to complement your toilet. The range of concealed cistern styles are not just modern in design but also function. If you choose a wall hung toilet you will need to check out our functional wall hung toilet frames too.

View our range of concealed cisterns which help to add a touch of modern minimalism to your toilet and consequently bathroom. We supply a range of concealed toilet cisterns from our most reputable manufacturers assuring you of the top quality of these hidden cisterns.