Urinal Wastes

Here at Bella Bathrooms we think our wastes are one of the most important plumbing supplies available. The removal of urinal waste is vital to keep bathrooms both clean and hygienic. Urinal wastes aid the removal of urinal waste from the urinal so that it doesn’t remain in the bowl and give off unwanted odours. Urinal wastes need to be efficient s that the waste is removed as quickly as possible. This is especially important in commercial setting where numerous urinals may be sited together.

View our range of urinal wastes and choose the best waste to suit your urinal to help keep it clean and pristine.

What Urinal Waste Products are Available?

At Bella Bathrooms we have a range of urinal wastes that are available in a range of different shapes, sizes and finishes. They are available in both chrome & white finishes so that they are in keeping with the urinal bowl and associated pipe work. For a more upmarket look choose a chrome urinal waste as these can be matched to basin taps and bottle traps to give a bathrooms a gleaming finishing touche. If you are unsure which product you need contact your plumber or feel free to contact us at Bella Bathrooms.