Mixer Showers

Experience the ultimate showering sensation with the power of mixer showers. Their unique designs and user-friendly features have transformed the way we bathe. They deliver the perfect temperature seamlessly by mixing hot and cold water within the shower valve. Enjoy your shower experience with our fantastic range of mixer showers available to buy online today.

You'll typically find mixer showers available in three primary configurations:

  1. Exposed Valve (EV): Exposed valve mixer showers boldly take their place within the showering area, with pipes connecting through the wall. Their design ensures that both the shower control and the exposed shower head are readily visible, making a style statement in your bathroom.

  2. Built-In Rigid (BIR): Built-in rigid mixer showers, on the other hand, discreetly disappear into your bathroom wall. Here, only the shower control and the unyielding shower head make their presence known, offering a sleek and minimalistic appearance.

  3. Built-In Valve (BIV): Built-in valve mixer showers combine the best of both worlds. They feature a concealed valve installed within the wall, while an adjustable riser rail is fitted within the showering area. This versatile design ensures a comfortable and customizable showering experience.

You'll often come across BIR and BIV mixer showers referred to as "concealed," emphasizing their seamless integration and ability to elevate the aesthetics of your bathroom.