Plumbing Supplies

There is a wide variety of items come under our plumbing supplies division here at Bella Bathrooms including, bath wastes, basin wastes, shower wastes, bottle traps, door seal kits, lime shields and macerators. We aim to supply a wide variety of products that will help you out with any plumbing issues that may arise in our extensive electrical and plumbing section.


It makes a massive difference to your bathroom if you can eliminate common plumbing problems. No one wants to have waste issues or water leakages spoiling the look of their newly refurbished bathroom. It is not just an eye sore but a repeated loss of water can also be very costly to you. We also sell additional supplies aimed to help keep your bathroom running to its maximum efficiency. At Bella Bathrooms we aim to provide you with the products to ensure you can enjoy your bathroom without worrying about any plumbing issues. Here is a brief guide to explain each plumbing division;

Bath Wastes and Wash Basin Wastes

A bath waste and basin waste can be as simple or as sophisticated as you’d like it to be;

Plug and Chain Waste

The traditional combination plug and chain waste that everyone is familiar with is still the most popular form of bath waste around. However, we are now increasingly finding more orders for pop-up bath wastes and push button versions.

Pop-up Bath Waste

The pop-up bath waste is controlled via a disc on the bath’s overflow system and operated by turning it clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Push Button

The push button, as the name suggests, works via a spring which is attached to a button and the waste opens when this is pushed. You press down on the button to fill the sink and push down on it again to empty.

Also available in the waste selection are shower wastes which provide an outlet for the excess water to drain away from the shower tray efficiently. We also stock shower gullies which help to assist the removal of this waste water but also stop unpleasant odours from reaching the bathroom atmosphere. Finally if you have a urinal we provide urinal wastes to ensure these high use products are kept as clean as possible.

Bottle Traps and Bathroom Traps

Bottle traps are becoming more and more commonplace, particularly in en-suites as they allow smaller wall hung wash basins to be hung in space-compromised rooms. But just because it’s a bottle trap, doesn't mean it can’t be fancy – as you’ll discover by taking a look at our range which comes in chrome and various designs, including square and minimalist.

Infact bathroom traps which are used for baths, basins and showers are extremely important as they assist in preventing insects, bacteria and unpleasant odours from entering your bathroom. This makes them a vital piece of bathroom plumbing kit.

Commercial Fittings

These important extras are ideal for bathrooms in commercial settings which will have difficulty remaining hygienic due to the high usage. This includes hands free or automatic taps and flush systems.

Additional Items:


Bathroom flooding is a homeowner's nightmare so ensure that you bath and basin have overflows to prevent this happening. These remove excess water from the units when the water reaches a certain level.

Door Seal Kits

These are essential to ensure that all the water you’re showering with remains in the shower and doesn't trickle out onto the bathroom floor where it could cause damage. Door seal kits come in magnetic form, plastic tubing which grips the underside of the shower door and, at its most basic level, as a shower curtain clip designed to wedge the curtain into the corner of the shower.

Toilet Spares

Add the finishing touch to your bathroom decor with our range of toilet spares from cistern levers in gleaming chrome and with a black or white fitting. It’s the little touches that make all the difference, especially if it’s designed to co-ordinate with the rest of the bathroom fittings and your overall décor theme.


You will probably need to purchase a macerator if you want the waste disposal to be efficient when you add a further bathroom or en suite to your home. Macerators assist the removal and disposal of waste without you having to add another waste disposal pipe to your home.

WC Connectors

You will want to avoid a toilet leakage at all costs and so buying decent WC Connectors is very important. These high performance water-tight connectors will make sure your toilet waste is removed quickly away from the pan.

Fitting and Connectors

Again helping you to minimize the risk of bathroom leakages we aim to ensure that you have the correct fittings and connectors for your bathroom suite items. These vital items will keep your bathrooms plumbing systems running efficiently.

Household Solutions

Keep your bathrooms running smoothly and without incident thanks to our range of various household solutions.

  • For instance, how annoying would slippery soap lying around the wash basin be? Enter our rubber suction soap pad (or treat yourself to a wall hung magnetic holder).
  • Our cloth holders to make sure your face cloth doesn’t end up on the bathroom floor (this also comes in a triple version for families).
  • There are times, especially when little ones are left to their own devices in the bath, when you’ll want to keep the bathroom door open for safety reasons - hence the need for our rubber door wedge.
  • And, we hate to mention it, but there’ll probably be a time when you may be looking for a large sink plunger (hello ladies with shoulder length hair!).
  • Finally, you may be on the look for a pair of ornate cistern brackets or shower rings. If so, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Screws and Fittings

This range will help you to fit the items in your bathroom correctly. We supply screws and fittings for basins, toilets and bar mixer showers.

Copper Tube and Fittings

We now stock a varied range of copper tube and fittings to assist you with successful plumbing in the bathroom.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we are proud to offer a wide variety of solutions to meet your plumbing and practical needs in your bathroom.