Plumbing Supplies

There is a wide variety of items come under our plumbing supplies division here at Bella Bathrooms including, bath wastes, basin wastes, shower wastes, bottle traps, door seal kits, lime shields and macerators.

We supply a wide variety of plumbing parts that will help you out with any issues that may arise in our extensive electrical and plumbing section. This includes a whole host of plumbing spares from copper pipe fittings to pipe connectors and our best selling product, the 90mm shower waste

It makes a massive difference to your bathroom if you can eliminate common plumbing problems. No one wants to have waste issues or water leakages spoiling the look of their newly refurbished bathroom.

It is not just an eyesore but a repeated loss of water can also be very costly to you. We sell a wide range of plumbing accessories which can help keep your bathroom running to its maximum efficiency. Here at Bella Bathrooms we aim to provide you with the necessary plumbing fittings to ensure you can enjoy your bathroom.