Freestanding Bath Suites

With an ever growing choice for your bathroom we are pleased to offer freestanding bath suites for those wishing to create a more lavish feeling for their bathroom space. Our selection of freestanding baths will add a touch of glamour to your bathroom and we have teamed them with similar styled toilets and basins to make these complete suite packages. Freestanding bath suites feature more decorative edges and sumptuous designs to suit a classic design of home. The baths typically feature decorative claw feet and some even have wooden toilet seats which were typical of the Victorian era. Freestanding bathroom suites are more suitable for larger bathrooms however we also have back to wall baths in freestanding versions to allow these suites to be fitted in a smaller bathroom space too. All of these vintage styled bath suites are sure to create a stunning look in your bathroom.

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Freestanding Bathroom Suites

If you love the idea of making your bath the centre point of your bathroom design then a freestanding bath suite will be right up your street. These baths are thought of as a more classic style of item with their grandeur and many feature the decorative claw feet you would associate with traditional bathroom suites. However with the range of freestanding baths now available you can treat yourself to one of these suites regardless of whether you are trying to achieve a modern or traditional bathroom design. There is an array of modern styled freestanding baths within our range which offer you a generous sized bath with a sleek design while still bringing the same lavish appeal to your bathroom.

As with our entire bathroom suites range when you select to buy a suite package you will typically save yourself money over buying the items individually. Indeed much of this range is offered with generous reductions allowing even those of you on a budget to create a luxurious style for your bathroom. It also takes the worry away from you of buying bathroom items that will match each other as these freestanding bath suites are packaged together for their similarity to create a coherent bathroom design.

If you are a fan of bathing over showering it is definitely worth taking the plunge and opting for a freestanding bath suite. Nothing looks or feels quite as sumptuous as one of these generous sized baths and you will be desperate to spend more time relaxing in your new bathroom! This range of suites is suitable for larger bathrooms but don’t fear if your space is on the small side. The back to wall freestanding bath suites offer you a compromise so that you can create this lavish design in space compromised bathrooms.

Choose a freestanding bath suite to create the bathroom of your dreams. Here at Bella Bathrooms our entire range of suites are offered from the UK’s leading manufacturers who provide lengthy guarantees as standard. This assures you of the top quality of these packages.