Bath Wastes

Having the perfect plumbing supplies for your bathroom will ensure that it will work efficiently. Bath waste mechanisms ensure that the waste water flows quickly from your bath as well as keeping the water within the bath when you want to fill the bath. Depending on the style of bath that you choose for your bathroom we will have a bath waste to complement it perfectly. The tried and test plug & chain waste is still the households favourite and is an efficient system but the use of pop-up bath wastes and push button bath wastes are on the rise. Bath waste mechanisms are available in both chrome and white finishes. A chrome bath waste will add a touch of class to your bathroom and will also match your bath taps too.

View our range of bath wastes here at Bella Bathrooms and choose the most suitable one for your bath.

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

What Types of Bath Wastes are Available?

In addition to the old fashioned plug and chain waste there are two other main types of bath wastes we supply for your bathroom;

Pop-Up Bath Waste

Pop-Up Bath Wastes are controlled by a disk movement, which is usually sited on the baths overflow. When the disk is moved in a clockwise direction it closes the waste outlet and then moving in an anticlockwise direction opens it again.

Push Button Bath Wastes

Push Button Bath Wastes are simply a clicker spring that is located in the waste trap, as the name suggests this type of bath waste is pushed for open and closed positions. Pushing down on the button closes the waste outlet and then pushing the button again releases the bath waste.

View our range of bath wastes which will suit a variety of bathroom spaces and we are sure we will have the correct waste for you. Supplied by some of the UK’s leading bathroom manufacturers you can be assured of the quality of our bath waste mechanisms. Offered at a competitive price we have these bath wastes in stock to ensure quick delivery to you.