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Merlyn Showers is the place to turn if you’re looking for some of the most beautifully designed engineered and crafted showers available at the highest quality. Spacious enclosures enable easy in and out access with a lavish environment. The creative, imaginative, luxurious shower enclosures promote some of the best showering experiences in the world. Now, would you like to make that part of your daily shower routine? Then treat yourself! As renowned experts in the industry, Merlyn know their showers and trays, which is why we are so confident that you will appreciate this gorgeous range which utilises all of their know how in stunning craftsmanship, durability, shower technology and style!

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Merlyn Shower Doors

When choosing the ideal shower door for your bathroom Merlyn Showers can help to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom space. The range of options includes straight and curved walk-in designs to fit your space and style. With a lifetime guarantee, the range of Iconic, Series 6, 8 & 10 promises longevity, durability and consistency with a focus on innovative contemporary style that constantly pushes boundaries. This extensive range incorporates for any shaped or sized bathroom to ensure easy install whilst the Mershield Stayclear Glass Protection and quick release doors make sure that each shower is convenient, accessible and easy to use. Cutting edge design mixed with modern technology makes a beautiful fit that is ideal for any bathroom. If you wish to create a more contemporary shower space you will be pleased to know that these beautiful enclosures are also wet room compatible.