Household Solutions

Here at Bella Bathrooms we not only aim to offer our customers the most stylish bathroom products to construct their dream bathroom – we also want our customers’ homes to be practical and functional enough to deal with family life. That is why under our plumbing supplies range you will find this Household Solutions section, to bring together our most useful products spanning many brands and ranges to help with everyday tasks around the home.

View our range of household solutions which will help to resolve those little bathroom issues that only become a necessity once you are using your new bathroom.

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What Products are Available?

We’ve thought of everything with these household solutions so you don’t need to. Whether you’re looking for a plunger or a sink or bath plug, we have displayed all the household solutions you could possibly need. We even have a variety of plug and waste options and a range of different sized plungers for every sink. Looking for innovative ways to make your soap stay put? Try the Croydex Rubagrip Soap Holder, or the Croydex Magnetic Soap Holder – both make the shower and bath a safer and more hygienic place to use. We even have cloth holders to keep your rooms looking tidy.

View our generous household solutions range and you will find those useful additional extras.Of courses, it goes without saying here at Bella Bathrooms that we offer the very best value for money with each and all of our products.