Shower Gullies

There is nothing glamorous about a shower gully but they are an essential part of your shower working correctly and making sure waste water drains away. Shower gullies make up part of the drainage system that removes the excess water away from the shower tray or wetroom floor. The efficient flow of water away from the tray also contributes to a pleasurable showering experience. The gullies are also responsible for trapping unwanted odours from the drain reaching the atmosphere. The type of gully you will need for your shower depends on the type of flooring that you have in the bathroom. There are three main types of shower gully.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we stock a good range of different types of shower gully so that you can pick the perfect match for your shower from our plumbing supplies.

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Types of Shower Gullies

  • Trapped
  • Untrapped
  • Non-Return Valve

The type of gully you need for your shower is also dependent on the type of outlet that you require. This is either horizontal or vertical. There are also a variety of gully cover plates that we have available too so that the look of the shower is not compromised with an ugly drain cover! Choose from white finishes that are added seamlessly to the shower area or a stainless steel gully which add a contrast within your shower. For a touch of class in your shower choose the polished stainless steel gully.

If you find all this information a little confusing then maybe ask your plumber to point you in the direction of a suitable shower gully type before browsing our selection. Alternatively give us a call and we will be happy to help where we can.

Our shower gully range is offered from the leading UK’s manufacturers’ assuring you that these are of top quality. Offered at a competitive price we have a good range in stock to ensure you get quick delivery of your shower gully.