Often fitting an additional or en-suite upstairs bathroom to your home means you may have to invest in a macerator if you want the installation to be as smooth as possible and the waste disposal to run efficiently. Macerators help to keep your bathroom more hygienic as they are involved in removing waste from your toilet. As part of our extensive range of plumbing supplies you will appreciate how important a macerator can be.

View our range of macerators and associated items that will help to keep your waste system running efficiently.

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What is a Macerator?

A macerator is a form of waste disposal unit and pump which can liquidise and dispose of organic waste. This means you won’t need to fit another cumbersome waste disposal pipe to your property and interfere with any masonry. The macerators often help pump the waste against gravity and are particularly useful where the water pressure is low.

What is the Range of Macerators Available?

Here at Bella Bathrooms we have a range of macerators for you to choose from. These range from a Sanishower small bore water waste pump for a shower unit and water basin which can discharge 15 litres of water a minute, right the way up to a top of the range Sanicubic heavy duty pump (the latter capable of handling water of up to 70 degrees and equipped with an additional pump as a backup measure). Mid level macerators available include the Sanicompact small bore – a non-ceramic cistern for a toilet and wash basin. If you need more help selecting the appropriate macerator contact your plumber or call us for advice.

Additional Items

We also stock high water alarms together with a five litre descaler designed to prolong the life of your macerator by cleaning and disinfecting it, and several water vapour condensers for use with boilers, air conditioners and air humidifiers.

View our macerators and we are confident you will find one to suit your toilet and ensure the waste is removed from the system efficiently. Supplied by some of the UK’s leading manufacturers’ you can be assured that these macerators are top quality.