Bathroom Extractor Fans

Bathroom extractor fan or shower extractor fan ventilation within your bathroom is not only desirable, it is essential to prevent problems caused by condensation or moisture. When it comes to having a fully functional bathroom an extractor fan is a must have. They are used to draw excess water vapour and condensation out. Drawing this excess moisture from your bathroom can also prevent damp from occurring helping you save money in repairs in the future. The most common are wall mounted fans, and the second are ceiling extractor fans that remove the moisture to outside through ducting.

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Extractor Fans for Bathrooms

Toilet extractor fans also help air circulate around your bathroom replacing the air taken out with air from outside your bathroom. This also has an odour-prevention aspect to it by replacing old air with fresh air helping maintain a pleasant bathroom environment either personal, public or commercial use.

Our range of white and chrome bathroom extractor fans are also available in silent fan versions and a variety of styles that will suit any bathroom decor. You will find everything you need with our great range of plumbing and electrical supplies which are offered from the best British manufacturers assuring you of their quality.