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  1. RAK Sphere Toilet Brush & Holder
    £19.69 Was £37.50
  2. RAK Cubis Toilet Brush and Holder
    £20.48 Was £39.00
  3. Cassellie Poppy Toilet Brush Set
    £22.04 Was £52.99
  4. Cassellie Lilly Toilet Brush Holder
    £8.77 Was £20.99
  5. Cassellie Iris Toilet Brush Set
    £9.27 Was £22.99
  6. Cassellie Holly Toilet Brush Set
    £22.75 Was £54.99
  7. Burlington Toilet Brush Holder
    £66.36 Was £79.00
  8. Croydex Hampstead Toilet Brush and Holder
    £26.49 Was £37.79
  9. Croydex Westminster Toilet Brush
    £26.49 Was £37.79

11 Items

Set Descending Direction

It might not be the most glamorous or desirable job in the world, but cleaning your toilet is an essential aspect of ensuring your bathroom and its fixtures remain as clean and stylish as they were when you first made the purchase.

Toilet brushes are an absolutely essential addition to any bathroom and as well as fulfilling a practical purpose, they can also fit in with your decor and look like, well, part of the furniture! There is a tremendous range available in a surprising array of styles, meaning you can select the perfect, most accommodating brush for your bathroom.

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