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Designer Valves

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  1. Kartell Aspen Angled Radiator Valves
    £24.80 Was £43.00
  2. Kartell Aspen Straight Radiator Valves
    £26.53 Was £46.00
  3. Kartell Cube Straight Radiator Valves
    £13.84 Was £24.00
  4. Kartell Square Angled Radiator Valves
    £26.24 Was £45.50
  5. Kartell Square Straight Radiator Valves
    £24.80 Was £43.00
  6. Kartell Modern Angled Radiator Valves
    £10.38 Was £18.00
  7. Hudson Reed Angled Radiator Valves in Chrome
    £9.22 Was £20.00
  8. Hudson Reed Pure Square Radiator Angled Valves
    £29.98 Was £65.00
  9. Reina Portland Brushed Angled Radiator Valves
    £17.30 Was £24.00
  10. Hudson Reed Minimalist Corner Radiator Valves
    £28.15 Was £61.00

Items 1-24 of 72

Set Descending Direction

Contrary to popular opinion, all radiator valves are not created equally – as you can see here from our designer radiator valves range at Bella Bathrooms. Manufacturers of radiator valves have, in recent years, considered design to be a much higher priority and which is why you’ll find a selection of high quality radiator valves which would have been unheard of years ago. From minimalist chic to geometric shaped valves plus both angled and straight options our range of designer valves will compliment any towel rail or radiator. Designer radiator valves not only look stylish but ensure your new heating source functions efficiently.

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