Comfort Height Toilets

Here at Bella Bathrooms we’re conscious that not everyone finds a standard toilet height comfortable and that’s why we also have a range of high toilets for the elderly and those who generally find movement difficult. This increased height in the toilet improves the comfort for the user. A comfort height toilet is basically the same close coupled model and shape as a regular size toilet but the pan has been extended by as much as 90mm so you won’t notice the difference when designing your dream bathroom. You can choose from our fantastic range of tall toilets here at Bella Bathrooms which also feature modern touches such as soft close seats. Choose a raised height toilet for your bathroom space to accommodate for every user.

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Comfort Toilet

The height of a toilet can be a problem if you struggle with lowering yourself down and that is why these tall toilets are a good solution. They are the same size and shape as regular toilets but the pan is extended to make the seat higher and more comfortable for you. This type of toilet is ideal for those who may have limited mobility when using the bathroom or purely for those who prefer this toilet height!

As you can see a comfort height toilet will make a bathroom more user friendly to a number of different users. These raised height toilets are popular for people looking to include a disabled toilet into their bathroom design. A raised height toilet can still be stylish and we have a range of both modern and traditional styles for you to select the ideal high toilet. As an additional nod to comfort most of the toilets come with a dual flush function which isn’t just eco-friendly and money-saving but also easier to use than the traditional level since it involves simply depressing a button with very little force. In common with the regular size many high toilets are also available with a soft close lid.

Choosing raised toilets doesn’t have to mean losing out on style. We have high toilets in both traditional and modern designs for you to choose from. The modern styled close coupled toilets will fit in with numerous contemporary bathroom styles. Alternatively the high level traditional style of comfort height toilets will bring a touch of the Victorian era to your bathroom space. View our range of comfort toilets and you will be pleasantly surprised at the choice on offer when selecting this type of bathroom toilet. Our range of comfort height toilets are offered from the UK’s leading bathroom manufacturers’ assuring you of the top quality of these raised toilets.