Bathroom Bins

Every bathroom needs a bin – and you may as well get one that looks smart as well as proving functional. Pedal bins tends to be the receptacle of choice these days and at Bella Bathrooms we’re offering the impressive, top quality sleek Croydex range which, in turn, offers capacity from three to five litres depending on individual need (the latter proving more suitable for family bathrooms). All Croydex bins are in stainless steel with a shiny polished finish to add a bit of glam to your bathroom. And, because the pedal bin is in silver, it will fit in with most contemporary décor themes.

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Set Descending Direction

Those with a minimalist and eco-bathroom look may prefer the Croydex Kingston Wooden Bin which, as well as looking good, isn't short on capacity. A plastic inner protects the real oak surrounds and the overall feel is of a spa-type environment. It’s one of our personal favorites.

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