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  1. Croydex Pendle Corner Glass Shelf
    £17.39 Was £24.79
  2. Croydex Chester Glass Shelf
    £28.69 Was £40.90
  3. Croydex Chester Corner Glass Shelf
    £20.87 Was £29.74
  4. Croydex Esher Glass Shelf
    £26.07 Was £37.18
  5. Croydex Worcester Glass Shelf
    £26.95 Was £38.42
  6. Croydex Epsom Glass Shelf
    £28.69 Was £40.90
  7. Croydex Cheadle Glass Shelf
    £32.17 Was £45.86
  8. Croydex Professional Glass Shelf
    £39.13 Was £55.78
  9. Croydex Romsey Glass Shelf
    £22.60 Was £32.22
  10. Croydex Wimbourne Glass Shelf
    £22.60 Was £32.22
  11. Croydex Pendle Glass Shelf
    £26.95 Was £38.42
  12. RAK Resort Glass Shelf
    £30.98 Was £59.00
  13. Cassellie Walnut Floating Shelf
    £67.13 Was £175.99
  14. Cassellie Gloss White Floating Shelf
    £67.13 Was £175.99
  15. Burlington Glass Shelf with Chrome Railing
    £108.36 Was £129.00
  16. Frontline Walnut Countertop Shelf with Stainless Steel Brackets

    Sale Price £213.52 Was £305.00

  17. Croydex Sutton Glass Shelf
    Awaiting Delivery

19 Items

Set Descending Direction

Bathroom shelves have come a long way from a simple horizontal slab of glass sitting above the sink. Today’s bathroom and shower shelves come in a variety of shapes and designs from curved rectangles to stacked varieties and corner offerings. And no longer do you simply have to settle for glass. Shiny chrome and polished stainless steel and even plastic are also contenders for the modern bathroom and it’s easy to see why when you view what’s available.

A bathroom corner shelf for instance, serves the double function of not only looking good, but maximizing space, allowing you to store toiletries in the shower where once they’d have littered areas such as the side of the bath.

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