Electrical Supplies

Today’s bathrooms contain a whole lot more electrical equipment than even two decades ago where the main electrical outlets were the light switch and shaving socket. Today there are bathroom cabinets fitted with LED lighting technology, extractor fans which provide lighting, electrical towel rails, electric toothbrushes and even some serious music systems to enhance your bathing experience. Our electrical and plumbing supplies are provided by the most reputable British manufacturers assuring you of their top quality. Here at Bella Bathrooms we have a range of electrical supplies to bring brilliance to your bathroom:

What Electrical Supplies are Available?

Radio music systems

Thanks to major innovations in the world of technology it is now perfectly possible these days to have the radio and music accompanying you in the bathroom. That means being about to catch up with news analysis with your shower first thing in the morning and relax late at night in the bath listening to your favourite classical tunes. And there’s no worry about water interfering with the appliance either since control units are wall mounted and connect with speakers.

Bathroom Extractor Fans

The beauty of a bathroom extractor fan is that it ventilates the air, which in turn prevents problems with dampness and condensation. All well and good but most of us want more from our bathroom extractor fan these days and that’s why many fans are equipped with lighting to boost the ambiance in our bathroom, while other bathroom extractor fans come bedecked in gleaming chrome. In others words we expect something decorative as well as functional for our bathrooms. After all, our bathrooms are refuges that we are increasingly spending more time in these days as a means of escape from our increasingly frenetic schedules.

Through-wall bathroom fans remove any moisture from the bathroom into the outside atmosphere while extractor fans circulate new air into your bathroom while removing the old. The latter also helps rid the bathroom of any unpleasant odours, meaning it stays smelling continually fresh.

Shaver sockets

A shaver socket allows you to shave safely in the comfort of your own bathroom. It consists of a low current and is mounted in an isolated transformer which reduces the risk of an electric shock. It can also be used for an electric toothbrush. All shaver sockets need to conform to British Standard BS3535. At Bella Bathrooms we currently offer smart shaver sockets in chrome, brushed chrome and white plastic.

Dimmer switches

What better way to relax at the end of a stressful day at work or with the kids than to soak in a warm bath with the lights dimmed and some ambient background music? We know you already get the picture – now why not treat yourself to the equipment? Bathroom dimmer switches aren't difficult to fit and come in a selection of styles designed to fit in with your bathroom’s décor.

Pull Cords

Why settle for any old bathroom pull cord switch when you could have one in chrome to match the rest of your bathroom fittings? Pull Cords are also available in a range of different shapes and sizes.

View our range and see how our electrical supplies can keep your bathroom functioning perfectly whilst fitting in with your bathrooms design!