Designer Radiators

In the past, when we needed to purchase a radiator we were only interested in knowing whether they did the job, i.e. heated our bathrooms! Nowadays, we want more. No one wants a big, bulky and unattractive radiator plonked in their bathroom. We want something that looks stylish and sleek, which is going to be a big design feature as well as a functional piece. The style of a radiator can no longer be ignored. In fact, this is an element that has become a focal point in many bathrooms. Because of this, we have put together a beautiful and stylish range of designer radiators, all of which have a huge emphasis on the design aspect.

What is Available in the Designer Radiators Range?

  • Designer Ladder Radiators
  • Designer Column Radiators
  • Designer Chrome Radiators
  • Designer White Radiators
  • Designer Black Radiators
  • Designer Anthracite Radiators
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Not just a heating device, but also a style statement

We have an extensive array of interesting, quirky and fashionable designs for you to choose from, as well as classic and elegant radiators too. Aside from the actual appearance of the radiator there are other factors you will need to consider, which is why we have put together a step-by-step guide to assist you with the shopping process.

Step One: Choose a finish

  1. Chrome – Chrome is a popular choice. Not only is it a stylish finish, but also it can make your bathroom space appear bigger, as light reflects off the surface.
  2. Anthracite – Elegant and practical, anthracite is a finish that offers the perfect balance.
  3. White – What about a classic white radiator? You can’t go wrong with this finish; it’s beautiful, versatile and will suit any style of bathroom.

Step Two: Select a fuel type

  1. Central Heating – Do you want a traditional central heating radiator? This is one that can easily be fitted into your current heating system.
  2. Electric – Electric radiators provide a lot of advantages, with the main one being increased control over your heating system. If there is a sudden drop in temperature your radiators will be able to instantly change to suit this.
  3. Dual Fuel – A dual fuel radiator is essentially the former two options in one. You will have the choice of heating your radiator via electric or by your main heating system. This allows you to reap the gains of ultimate efficiency, as you can heat your bathroom in isolation if need be.

Step Three: Pick a style

Last but not least, decide whether you want a modern or traditional style of radiator. This depends on your personal preference and the look of your bathroom.