Column Radiators

Column radiators are unique in design and incredibly versatile. They can be left standing upright on their own yet they can also be hung to the wall. They are ideal for small bathrooms and en-suites, as they do not take up as much floor space as horizontal radiators do. Nonetheless, they are not only practical, but they make a stunning style statement too. Here at Bella Bathrooms we have a great selection of the best column radiators for you to choose from. With a vast assortment of finishes, heating options and sizes, we are sure you will be able to find a radiator that meets your requirements and fits in with your budget.

What is Available in the Column Radiators Range?

  • Single Column Radiators
  • Double Column Radiators
  • Designer Column Radiators
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Great range of stylish column radiators

There is certainly a lot to take into account when purchasing a radiator. We know it can often be difficult to narrow down your search, especially for first time buyers, which is why we have put together a quick and easy guide for you to take advantage of.

Step One: Choose a heating option

  1. Central Heating – This has long been the most traditional option. Central heating radiators can be easily integrated into your main heating system.
  2. Dual Fuel – The best of both worlds! A dual fuel radiator is one that can be heated using either electric or your main heating system. This allows you to achieve optimum efficiency. During the summer months you will be able to heat your bathroom in isolation without having to turn the main heating system on.
  3. Electric – Electric radiators have become popular over the past few years as they allow you to have great control over your heating, ensuring rapid adaptation to any quick changes in temperature.

Step Two: Choose a style

  1. Modern
  2. Traditional

Column radiators make a stylish impact, but do you want one with a contemporary or conventional appearance?

Step Three: Pick a finish

  1. White – Classic white radiators never go out of fashion or appear out-dated. They are also incredibly versatile and suit virtually any bathroom.
  2. Chrome – Chrome radiators are particularly beneficial in small spaces, as light reflects off the surface. Column radiators are also great for bathrooms on the smaller side. You could say this is the perfect combination!
  3. Anthracite – Offering ultimate elegance, anthracite is another popular finish amongst those buying one of our column radiators.

We do have other finishes available for you to choose from. Simply browse through the selection or use the ‘shop by’ tab on the left hand side of the page.