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Choosing the perfect bathroom accessories can add style and function to your space which is why we have a good selection of bath taps for you to choose from in both modern and traditional designs. Due to advances in bathroom design not all baths have 2 tap holes now, with modern baths available with 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 tap holes. You can choose from contemporary wall mounted bath taps, bath filler taps and even luxurious freestanding bath taps to create the ideal finish. We also have bath shower mixer taps which are ideal for use in a shower bath. Most of our tap styles are available with matching basin mixer taps to create a coherent bathroom design. You will be surprised how simply updating your taps can have a big impact on the overall look of your bathroom. View our extensive range of bathroom taps which are all competitively priced and available with quick delivery direct to your home.

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Bath Taps UK

Whether you want a classic look for your bathroom or aim to create a minimalist space our bath tap range will have an option for every taste. These stunning accessories will add a unique look to your bathroom space. Our bath taps are available in a range of designs and are finished in stunning chrome to help your bathroom gleam.

Bath Filler Taps

Bath filler taps are dual taps that combine to mix the water into a single spout. This popular tap style allows you to fill your bath up quickly and efficiently. Bathroom mixer taps have a grand appearance on your bath to provide an air of opulence. This bath mixer tap type is available in both modern and traditional styles to best suit the theme of your bathroom. Bath mixer taps can also be matched to basin mixer taps to keep your bathroom to style. A bath filler tap tends to be mounted on the bath.

Bath Shower Mixer Taps

Enjoy the best of both worlds by having a joint bath/shower tap in one – and at no great product or installation costs. One of the big attractions of this bathroom feature isn’t just the fact you can hand shower in the bath (a boon for those with young families) but the shower facility is also great for washing hair or cleaning the bath after use. For a traditional look the shower head fitting can be placed on top of the mixer tap (as in an old-fashioned telephone receiver). Modern bathroom owners may prefer it hanging on a wall bracket. There are a large variety of different bath shower mixers available to suit any bathroom style. These stunning designs can become the focal feature of your bathroom.

No matter what the reason is for choosing the bath shower mixer tap once it is installed you will be wondering how you managed without one of these taps. Bath shower mixer taps really offers you flexibility within your bathroom space and will be useful for people who don’t have the room for a separate shower enclosure in their bathroom. Update your current bathroom and add a bath shower mixer tap to make a big impression with a simple touch.

Wall Mounted Bath Taps

This type of bath tap is not as common as the other two tap types probably due to it being more complex to fit in your bathroom. If you’re looking to create a contemporary bathroom space these taps are worth it! These wall mounted panels on which the taps sit look uber stylish and help to create a more minimalist style in your bathroom. Wall mounted taps really give a unique finish to your bathroom with the attractive spouts plunging the water into your bath.

Freestanding Bath Taps

Freestanding bath taps offer you the most opulent of bath tap designs and they are ideal for use with a luxurious freestanding bath. They provide you with a bit more flexibility with regards to where you can place them and they can become a real feature of your bathroom.

View our range of bath taps and be impressed with the variety you can purchase when creating your dream bathroom. All of our bath taps are produced by the UK’s leading bathroom manufacturer's and the quality of these taps is assured due to the generous guarantees on offer.