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  1. Nuie Fast Flow Shower Waste 90mm
    £5.38 Was £12.00
  2. Aquadart Shower Waste with Chrome Square Grate
    £17.93 Was £32.00
  3. Aquadart 90mm Shower Waste with Chrome Grate
    £15.75 Was £45.00
  4. Aquadart Turbo Shower Waste 90mm
    £18.20 Was £52.00
  5. April High Flow Shower Waste 90mm
    £14.95 Was £32.00
  6. April High Flow 50mm Shower Waste
    £12.95 Was £32.00

Items 1-24 of 103

Set Descending Direction

As shower trays get slimmer and showers get more powerful, it’s never been more important to get the correct shower waste trap for your tray. The increased water quantity means that the waste outlet must be extremely efficient. The increase in popularity of wet rooms and walk in showers also requires an efficient fast flow shower waste pipe drain system. The efficient removal of waste means that your shower will remain clean and hygienic and prevent unwanted odours in the bathroom. If purchasing a shower tray from us we have taken the hard work out of this for you, as the correct shower wastes are featured with every individual shower tray.

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