Commercial Fittings

Here at Bella Bathrooms we stock a good range of plumbing supplies that are suitable for use in commercial settings. If you are installing basins, toilets or urinals in commercial settings such as pubs or offices then these additional extras will be a valuable addition to your bathroom spaces. These accessories will ensure that your bathroom remains as hygienic as possible for the high number of people that will frequent such commercial bathroom spaces.

We stock infrared sensor taps for commercial basins so that people can wash their hands without actually touching the tap itself. This helps to keep the basin area more hygienic for people to use. It also help to eliminate the problem of people leaving the taps running for lengthy periods and wasting the water that you are paying for!

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

There are similar products available for urinals again to help improve the hygiene of a high use bathroom product. The automatic flush for urinals again means that the users are essentially hands free. We also stock a hand free flush toilet product that is activated either by the user leaving the toilet or waving the hand across a sensor to activate the toilet to flush.

View our range of commercial fittings and we are confident you will find the perfect accessories for your commercial bathroom. Our range is supplied from some of the UK’s leading bathroom manufacturers which assures you that these are top quality fittings.