Kitchen Taps

At Bella Bathrooms we aim to make all aspects of your home look fantastic not only your bathroom. This is why we have a stunning range of kitchen taps available in both traditional and contemporary styles to complement any style of kitchen space. Choosing the perfect sink accessories can really transform the look of your kitchen.

Our taps are perfect if you are redesigning your entire kitchen as we have a large choice available to compliment different styles of sink. Alternatively simply updating your current kitchen taps can improve the appearance of your sink and indeed the entire kitchen. Brand new gleaming taps can make the entire kitchen look like it has been updated. All of our kitchen taps are finished in chrome to give them a stylish look.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we have a good selection of kitchen taps which will add a touch of class and quality to your kitchen.

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What Types of Kitchen Taps are Available?

You might be surprised but here at Bella Bathrooms we’re well aware you need taps in other areas of your home too and that’s why we also stock a wide range of traditional kitchen taps and contemporary kitchen taps. Our range of kitchen taps offer different styles depending on whether you are looking to match a traditional ‘belfast’ style ceramic sink found in many country style kitchens or a more modern minimalist kitchen sink. Choose from smooth curved taps or more geometric shaped taps depending on which will best suit your kitchen design.

All of the kitchen taps in our range are mixer taps meaning you can set the perfect temperature of water to fill your sink for the washing up. The difference between these taps is whether they come with separate hot and cold taps (more suitable for a traditional sink) or a single lever to control the temperature and flow of water (more suitable for a contemporary sink).

Check out the useful pull out kitchen mixer taps available. This type of tap has a mini shower head style attachment which allows you to rinse your sink out more easily and also rinse any items that are particularly dirty beforehand. These will make a really practical addition to any kitchen sink.

Our ranges of kitchen taps are offered from the UK’s leading manufacturers which assures you of their top quality. For an item that you will use everyday such as a kitchen tap it is important you have a fixture that is built to last. Here at Bella Bathrooms we offer manufacturers’ guarantees as standard on our entire kitchen tap range. No matter what the sinks that you have look like we will have the kitchen tap to match. What’s more all of our kitchen taps are offered at a competitive price you won’t be able to resist.