Traditional Valves

Traditional radiator valves can add that finishing decorative touch to a bathroom radiator or bathroom towel rail in your home. Of course they also serve a valuable function too and that is to affix the radiator to the pipe work for the central heating system - which is where the heat will come from in the first place. Traditional radiator valves really keep to the lavish design of a traditional rail or radiator with their opulent design and cross head levers. There are currently two different types of traditional radiator valve available – straight radiator valves and angled radiator valves. Here at Bella Bathrooms we offer these radiator valves in different finishes to best match your bathroom from chrome to antique brass.

What is Available in the Traditional Valves Range?

  • Straight Traditional Radiator Valves
  • Angled Traditional Valves
  • Brass Traditional Valves
  • Chrome Traditional Valves
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Set Descending Direction

What is the Difference between Straight and Angled Radiator Valves?

Straight radiator valves connect to the radiator at a 180 degrees (straight) angle whereas the angled radiator valve will hook on at a 90 degree right angle. The latter is the more common as it provides more variation i.e. it can connect to pipe work via a wall or floor and means bottom and side inlets can be joined. The only time you’d really use a straight angle would be if the valve inlets were at the bottom back of the radiator.

Radiator valves can be bought when installing a bathroom radiator for the first time, or they can be bought separately and used to update an existing radiator. Then again, if you’re in the process of buying a new radiator then it might be the case that your existing radiator valves may not actually fit the new model.

Here at Bella Bathrooms our range of traditional radiator valves will offer something for every old style of bathroom. You can also be assured of their quality as the manufacturers’ offer decent guarantees on these essential products.