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  1. RAK Angled Grab Rail with Soap Dish
    £33.64 Was £69.00
  2. RAK Angled Grab Rail
    £26.81 Was £55.00
  3. RAK Straight Grab Rail 400mm
    £21.94 Was £45.00
  4. RAK Straight Grab Rail 300mm
    £19.01 Was £39.00
  5. Moods Inclusive Design Straight Grab Rail 900mm
    £73.14 Was £129.00
  6. Moods Inclusive Design Straight Grab Rail 620mm
    £59.54 Was £105.00
  7. Moods Inclusive Design Curve Grab Rail 335mm
    £39.69 Was £70.00
  8. Burlington Angled Rail
    £70.86 Was £109.00
  9. Burlington Straight Rail
    £57.84 Was £89.00
  10. Croydex Chrome Grab 'N' Grip L Shaped Grab Bar
    £81.03 Was £115.51
  11. Croydex Chrome Grab 'N' Grip Angled Grab Bar
    £81.03 Was £115.51
  12. Croydex Chrome Grab 'N' Grip Straight Grab Bar

    Sale Price £36.44 Was £51.96

  13. Essential Bathroom Chrome Angled Grab Rail
    £49.38 Was £59.86

24 Items

Set Descending Direction

Grab rails provide you with peace of mind that your bathroom experiences will as safe and worry free as possible. Add stability and reassurance to your bathroom space today with some grab rails. Ideal for people with disabilities or who are unsteady on their feet, grab rails provide strength and resilience for every bathroom user. Choose from an extensive range of great grab rails from leading manufacturers in a range of finishes such as blue, chrome or white to give your bathroom a fresh, hygienic appearance and style.

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