Roll Top Baths

A freestanding roll top bath is guaranteed to create the ultimate bathing experience and at the same time a stunning focal point for your bathroom. As the name suggests a roll top bath has a beautiful rolled edge all around the bath which creates a traditional and opulent design. For a classic look place a chair and a towel ladder nearby so you can keep accessories to hand, once you sink into your typically deep roll top bath you’ll never want to come out again. The traditional style of a roll top bath really adds a touch of glamour to your bathroom and can easily hold its own as the main attraction in your bathroom. Complete the look by adding a similarly traditional toilet. View our fabulous range of roll top baths where you will find both traditional and modern versions of this type of bath all of which include attractive bath feet as standard.

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Cast Iron Roll Top Bath

Roll top baths hark back to more lavish and traditional styles of cast iron baths finished with decorative feet which lift the bath up off the floor giving it a look of grandeur. These roll top baths fit perfectly with period bathroom themes such as Georgian and Victorian style thanks to their lavish and elegant looks. They also suit country cottage type décor. In fact, these baths go right across the board design-wise as they’re also very much in vogue for contemporary bathrooms.

Freestanding Roll Top Bath

It’s not uncommon today, for instance, to spot a roll top bath in a glossy interior design magazine placed in front of a ceiling to floor window in a modern high rise executive apartment. Then again, the roll top bath is often the focal point of a bathroom with the rest of the décor arranged around accordingly.

You can still find the traditional cast iron roll top bath today (cast iron being an excellent heat retainer) but it’s also possible to find roll top baths fashioned in more modern and easily maintained materials such as acrylic and stone resin. The last thing you want in your new bathroom with your beautiful new roll top bath as a focal point is to see ugly pipes attached. It’s therefore a good idea to invest in what we at Bella Bathrooms refer to as ‘an exposed bath waste kit.’ In employing this you’ll be able to disguise those hot and cold water supply pipes and ensure you get the look you’re aiming for in your bathroom.

Slipper Baths

For the ultimate in bathing luxury choose a designer slipper bath as the centrepiece in your bathroom. These baths have a roll top design but tend to be higher at one end so that you can encase yourself in the bath for extra comfort. The taps will be positioned at the opposite end making a freestanding slipper bath a real feature of any vintage inspired bathroom. We have a generous selection of slipper baths for sale which will bring a touch of hotel glamour to your own bathroom space.

As with our all of our extensive selection of baths these roll top baths are offered with lengthy manufacturers guarantees assuring you of their top quality to last you for years to come.