Toilet Seats

We hardly even know where to start when it comes to describing the selection of toilet seats available these days – such is the choice from classic wooden toilet seats to novelty toilet seats. A lot of modern style toilets come complete with soft close toilet seat mechanisms and also smart chrome toilet seat hinges which give the seat a touch of luxury. All of these items come with the necessary toilet seat fixings. Neat wrap over toilet seats help to create a seamless finish on more contemporary styles of toilets. We have a large selection of toilet seat finishes from gloss white to glitter effect and even black toilet seat designs to help you create a feature for your bathroom. View our range of toilet seats and we are confident you will find the ideal match for your bathroom or cloakroom when you buy a toilet seat from us.

Designer Toilet Seats

When it comes to choosing a bathroom toilet seat it may not be as simple as you initially believed. It’s not just a case of buying the first one you like but you must consider how it will fit in with the rest of your bathroom. Other considerations are what’s the best shape of seat? Most toilets these days are round but increasingly many are becoming geometric and some have a longer than usual projection. We now have a square toilet seat selection to match the growing demand. All of our toilet seats are offered from the UK’s leading manufacturers which assures you of the variety of choice and quality available.

Coloured Toilet Seats

Most toilet seats these days are made from composite wood with a plastic resin coating and tend to come in white, black and other shades. Wooden toilet seats are warmer but if it’s warmth you’re looking for it’s also possible to buy a heated toilet seat. White usually wins out for choice or wood as both blend in easily with other colour schemes. However with a growing choice of bath panels coming in different colours and finishes it is possible to match your seat to these to create a unique finish in your bathroom.

Adding a coloured toilet seat is a great way to add pizzazz to your bathroom at very little cost. If you really want to impress though, consider investing in the latest version of the novelty toilet seat – a seat which lights up the minute you click your fingers or lightly clap hands. The Moods LED toilet seat has been designed to save you putting on the overhead bathroom light and waking others in the middle of the night. And we reckon it’s all about a little fun too!

Whatever it is you are searching for in terms of toilet seat we are confident here at Bella Bathrooms we will have the ideal seat for your bathroom space. All of our toilet seats are supplied by the UK’s leading manufacturers which assures you of their top quality.