Triton has been a leader in the manufacturing of showering products for the past 30 years. This is because they bring products that consider every member of the family. Their products are designed with safety and functionality in mind, as well as being incredibly sleek and stylish. As the popularity of showering continues to grow Triton can offer you a range of products for you to create the ideal shower for your bathroom. Triton has a range of different shower types including power showers and digital showers plus a variety of shower accessories to compliment your shower enclosure. They also have a range of pumps to help improve the performance of your shower too. View our extensive range of Triton shower products and we are confident you will find the ideal products to create a luxurious shower experience.

What is Available in the Triton Range?

  • Triton Mirrored Cabinets
  • Triton Mixer Showers
  • Triton Electric Showers
  • Triton Digital Showers
  • Triton Power Showers
  • Triton Shower Valves
  • Triton Shower Handsets
  • Triton Shower Heads
  • Triton Shower Heads
  • Triton Shower Kits
  • Triton Shower Pumps
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Why Choose Triton Bathroom Products?

Triton aim to bring customers the latest in bathroom technology and offer lengthy manufacturers guarantees as standard across their range which assures you of their top quality.

Mirrored Cabinets

Choose from a small but select range of mirrored cabinets to add a stylish yet functional storage piece to your bathroom. Available in both single and double door versions to suit a variety of different sized bathroom spaces.

Mixer Showers

Triton offers a generous selection of mixer showers to match different bathroom styles. Some of the more luxurious in the range are even available with additional handsets.

Electric Showers

Tritons electric showers offer a range of different power outputs to meet the demands of different homes. The units differ in their finish and the Triton Aspirante range is particularly popular.

Digital Showers

For a more modern feel add a stylish digital shower to your bathroom. The minimalist style of these showers will really give a contemporary feel to your bathroom.

Power Showers

To achieve a little more power for your shower time choose a Triton power shower which comes with an integrated pump to give you a luxurious showering experience.

Shower Valves

Choose a Triton shower valve to give you complete control over your shower in a stylish chrome unit. Triton have both exposed and concealed valves plus the sleek bar valves available.

Shower Handsets

Create the ideal look for your shower with this range of shower heads. With options of round or geometric shapes and finishes from white to black or modern chrome to best suit your bathroom decor.

Shower Heads

Update your bathroom by changing the shower head. Triton offer both modern and traditional styles to suit different bathroom designs.

Shower Kits

Again Triton offers a diverse range of shower kits, these handy riser rails allow you to alter the shower height to suit different users.

Shower Pumps

Triton brings you a small but select range of shower pumps to help you get more power from your showers performance. Alongside the handy wall mounted booster pump you can choose between either a single or twin pump dependent on whether you wish to boost the supply of one or two water supplies.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we are pleased to offer you a generous range of Triton products to help you achieve the bathroom you crave!