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  1. Hudson Reed Double Robe Hook
    £13.00 Was £28.00
  2. Cassellie Corner Wire Caddy
    £21.81 Was £49.99
  3. Cassellie Corner Double Wire Caddy
    £35.32 Was £79.99
  4. Cassellie Long Corner Double Wire Caddy
    £43.14 Was £96.99
  5. Cassellie Rounded Corner Double Wire Caddy
    £58.91 Was £132.99
  6. Cassellie Offset Corner Double Wire Caddy
    £44.57 Was £100.99
  7. Cassellie Rectangular Wire Caddy
    £26.38 Was £59.99
  8. Cassellie Double Wire Caddy
    £53.09 Was £119.99
  9. Cassellie Double Wire D-Shaped Shower Tidy
    £77.61 Was £173.99
  10. Nuie Framed Enclosure Robe Hook
    £18.10 Was £39.00
  11. Croydex Deluxe Squeegee
    £23.73 Was £32.68
  12. Croydex B-Smart Squeegee and Holder
    £5.20 Was £7.16
  13. Hudson Reed Back To Wall Shower Elbow
    £9.74 Was £21.00
  14. Manhattan Matt Black Square Riser Kit
    £37.41 Was £75.00
  15. Manhattan Matt Black Square Shower Wall Arm
    £35.41 Was £71.00

Items 1-24 of 128

Set Descending Direction

When it comes to showering there’s one company which really understands what makes the perfect shower – and by that we mean having everything to hand and running smoothly. To this end Euroshowers have come up with a selection of shower accessories to make life easier. This ranges from a handy water restrictor to make sure your shower is as powerful (or as light) as you want it, a slider bracket so that the shower head is raining down on you from the correct height, and a metal shower scraper (because being able to see the glass feels less restrictive and looks so much better). And, of course, the shower scraper is also a great way to get rid of excess water on tiles, which could potentially turn grouting mouldy.

Other Euroshowers accessories include a funky clear soap dish while Croydex have come up with a very classy looking number which they’ve named the Professional Soap Basket. Other handy items in our shower accessories range include bath mats in a range of sizes.