Basin Wastes

Adding the final touches to your bathroom ensures that it will function as you want it too so that’s why our plumbing supplies range is important. It doesn't matter how nice a basin is, without a basin waste it will not hold water and therefore can’t function to its maximum. Basin waste mechanisms make sure that the waste water from your basin drains away quickly too. The basin waste in years gone by was a plug & chain and this is still an effective system. Don’t get us wrong a waste mechanism will never be glamorous but the modern waste designs are an improvement! In today's design conscious market you have the choice of different basin wastes to complement your basin that look more aesthetically pleasing. Choose a chrome basin waste to add a touch of class to your bathroom and it will also fit in well with your stylish basin taps too.

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View our range of basin wastes here at Bella Bathrooms and choose the best match for your basin.

What Types of Basin Wastes are Available?

Along with the traditional plug and chain basin waste there are two other main basin wastes that we supply for your bathroom.

Sprung Basin Waste

Sprung Basin Wastes, also known as a clicker wastes, work by a spring which keeps the plug closed. If you want to release the waste you push down and release it and up it pops. The design of these can be very minimalist and stylish.

These wastes also come in slotted and unslotted depending if your basin has a built-in overflow (basins with overflows require a slotted waste).

Captive Basin Wastes

Captive Basin Wastes are simple but very effective, with only one moving part for open and closed operations. The plug cover simply tilts to open and close. This basin waste type also allows for more minimalist styles.

View our range of basin wastes which are selected to suit a number of different bathroom spaces and we are confident we will have the right basin waste for you. Our waste mechanisms are offered at a competitive price and we have plenty of basin wastes in stock ensuring quick delivery to you. These basin wastes are manufactured by some of the UK’s leading bathroom designers which will assure you of the quality of our basin wastes.