Toilet Spares

Sometimes it’s the little things that end up being the most important in your bathroom. So you’ve got your high tech power shower, stylish sink and taps and a terrific new toilet and now you’d like to browse our range of toilet spares and accessories that can help to spruce up your toilet with minimal effort and at a very low cost. Our toilet spares include additional levers and cistern fittings to assist you should you need any additional parts.

View this toilet spares range as part of our extensive plumbing supplies that ensures everything in your bathroom can run smoothly.

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What Toilet Spares are Available?

Toilet Levers

For starters, why not take a look at our range of toilet levers? This subtle addition can actually make quite a powerful impact and our range of white and chrome and metal universal levers can be used to introduce some added style and sass to your loo. While they are often overlooked, small details like the toilet lever are actually a great way to customise your toilet and add a little character. They also provide a quirky finishing touch which can bring your whole interior design scheme together.

Pan Floor Fixing Kits

Practical necessities are available and trust us; you won’t get far without these little add-ons! Pan floor fixing kits ensure easy install whilst cistern fittings ensure that everything gets flushing properly. Functional doesn’t have to equal boring so these accessories will often include an unexpected feature or thoughtful touch that elevates the everyday into something that little bit special.

View our range of toilet spares here at Bella Bathrooms and you will find a range of accessories to add to your toilet should you need them. These toilet spares are offered by the UK’s leading manufacturers’ which assures you of their top quality.